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Men's Center Sexually Evolving Man Drop-in Support Groups

At present, the Sexually Evolving Man Support Groups are all online (via Zoom). To attend online, click [Contact Group Facilitator] below. Your contact info will be emailed to the facilitator and they will send you information on how to attend using Zoom.

The Sexually Evolving Man Support Group
Open to Men and Transgender Men

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If sexuality is at the root of our existence and “change” is the only continuous thing in life. Why would our sexuality, how we identify ourselves, desires, and experiences be any different?

This group is for men who are evolving sexually and question how the evolving intersects with their day-to-day life.

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There is no payment required to attend TCMC groups. However, during the transition to online programs, TCMC has experienced an increased shortfall in revenue due the temporary closure of our facility and requests donations of $3 to $10 (or more) to help sustain our program expenses.

To make a contribution to TCMC online, please visit, or use Venmo by searching @twincitiesmenscenter in the app or by hovering your smart phone camera over the QR code below: