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TCMC Anger Management Classes For Men:

• Men Helping Men with Anger Management (MHMWAM)

Our 25-year+ certified Level 2 anger management classes that have served over 2700 men—

The MHMWAM class is a comprehensive and thorough approach that analyzes nearly all typical situations in a man's life when he faces situations that cause him to feel anger: at home, at work, in friendships and love relationships; while driving, and with institutions: business transactions etc.

As such, men are able to learn practical responses that express their anger in ways respectful to other people.

• Moving Toward Empowerment (MHMWAM Cont.)

A follow-up course that builds on the Men Helping Men With Anger Management (MHMWAM) class. MTE focuses on the subjects of toxic shame, personal empowerment, and developing healthy relationships. It also is a comprehensive and and thorough analytical approach.


• Beyond Anger: Reclaim Your Fire! (2022-2024)

Beyond Anger classes were created responding to the requests made over the years by some men for
an advanced-class followup to the MHMWAM class.

The Beyond Anger: Reclaim Your Fire! class uses a holistic and integral approach synthesizing many different disciplines and wisdom traditions. It employs much of the wisdom accumulated over the past 3 decades of "men's work" personal growth to address physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual aspects of men's wholeness. Read more...