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    Sunday Men's Brunch - 2009

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    Sunday Men's Brunch - 2007

Here and There with Twin Cities Men

"I am grateful for the community of men at the TCMC supporting each other to be our best." - Bob Schauerhamer, 2024-04-01.

"With my wide experiences in not only visiting folks in assisted living and nursing home facilities but also living in two different facilities, and being the Assistant Office Manager in a third, leads me to the conclusion that they are all very similar. And if you recall the 1975 movie "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," then you get a flavor of what the different environments are like..." - Larry Boatman, 2023-11-01.

"Thanks for all the good work you do!" – Jill Ann Marks, MA, LP, 2024-03-15.

ManKind Project (MKP) Minnesota invites and welcomes any man to attend these open groups (drop-in anytime):

  • Sunday Open Men's Circles, 6:45-8:30 pm, 2356 University Avenue W, St. Paul 55114. Contact: Pat Murphy 651-353-7741

In addition these MKP Integration groups are open to visitors, please call for details:

  • Tuesdays 7-9 pm alternates between St. Paul & Minneapolis: Lake Street/Longfellow area,  Minneapolis, David Kaar 612-275-5165
  • Thursdays 7-9 pm St. Paul/Minneapolis (Every other Week) Nick Brogren. 763-234-1833

– David Kaar 2024-05-21

Chartwell Books, The Quarto Group and Summersdale Publishers in the UK have re-issued a series of self-help books that appear to be unusually up-to-date and 21st Century!

  • The 1000 Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask Yourself -- That Makes Life Work For You - by Alyss Thomas, 2022, 248 pages. Chapters: Ask Yourself; Choose Your Values; Time; Stress; Anxiety and Relaxation; Dealing with the Past; Happiness, Joy and Creativity; Relationships and Communication; Hope.
  • The Healing Workbook - Tips and Guided Exercises to Help Overcome Trauma - by Amanda Marples, 2023 158 pages. Chapters: Trauma, Healing and You; Dealing with Trauma; Looking After Your Body and Mind; How to Take Control; Managing Your Healing Journey; Friendships and Relationships; Staying on Track; Looking Forward.
  • The Self-Esteem Workbook -- Practical Tips and Guided Exercises to Help you Boost Your Self-Esteem - by Anna Barnes, 2023, 157 pages. Chapters: Self-Esteem and You; Self-Esteem Boosters; How to Tackle Negative Self-Talk; How Self-Esteem Can Affect Your Actions; Taking Good Care of Yourself; Love Your Body; Friendships and Relationships; Looking Forward.
  • The Adulting Workbook — The "I DID IT!" Approach to Work, Life, and Getting Your Act Together - by Elsie Wild, 2023, 192 pages. Chapters: How "Adult" Do You Feel Right Now?; Health, Wellness, and You; Finances 101; I'm Working On it!; Home is Where the Adult Is; You and Me.
  • Self Care — A Journal to Reclaim Your Time to Rest and Rejuvenate - by Laura Drew Leeann Moreau, Evelin Kasikov and others, 2020, 160 pages. Chapters; Tuning Into Your Needs; Time Management; Cycle of Celebration; Self-Love; Write It Out.
  • 52 Weeks to Better Mental Health: A Guided Workbook for Self-Exploration and Growth - by Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D., LMFT, 2023, 192 pages. Chapters: Mental Health & Self-Awareness; Managing Conflicting Thoughts; Stress & Resistance; Building Confidence & Trust; Getting In Charge of Your Life; Other People & You; Your Past & Mental Health; Integrity: Being Your Authentic Self; Fun & Joy

Book Review of The Universe Story by cosmologist Brian Swimme and historian Thomas Berry. "The Hazards and Blessings of Being Male: Embracing the Seven Challenges For a Successful Life", Jed Diamond cites two quotes: "The premature death of men is the most important—and neglected—health issue of our time." - Mariann Legato, MD 2017, and "The male has paid a heavy price for his masculine 'privilege' and power. He is out of touch with his emotions and his body. He is playing by the rules of the male game plan and with lemming-like purpose he is destroying himself—emotionally, psychologically and physically." – Herb Goldberg, 1976 in The Hazards of Being Male.

Read the full review at:
https://menalive.com/the-hazards-and-blessings-of-being-male/ – Jed Diamond, 2024-05-17.