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Here and There with Twin Cities Men

"Enclosed is my gift to the Men's Center to Honor John Hesch for his years of Love to TCMC!" – Dick Madigan, 2021-10-11.

The Minnesota ManKind Project (MKP) Annual Community Gathering will be held on Saturday, December 11th via Zoom. For further information contact Jamie Wellik <jamie@wellik.org>, Eric Goess <egoess@comcast.net> or David Semenchuk <davidsemenchuk@mkp.org>

Since 1999, on November 19th, International Men's Day celebrates worldwide the positive value men bring to the world, their families and communities, highlighting positive role models and raise awareness of men's well-being.

One of the six pillars of International Men's Day is to improve gender relations and promote gender equality not only for men but for women too. In this light the theme for 2021 is "Better relations between men and women."

This year, Dr. Jed Diamond has gathered with 5 other colleagues and friends (Riane Eisler, Michael Gurian, Lisa Hickey, Boysen Hodgson, and Frederick Marx) who also have a long-term commitment to helping men and their families to live fully, love deeply, and make a positive difference in the world; and together they've organized an Online International Men's Day Open Forum.
– Jed Diamond <jed@menalive.com> 2021-11-14.

Rosalie Maggio, Author of the Nonsexist Word Finder: a Dictionary of Gender-Free Usage, Oryx Press, 1987 died at age 77. While in St. Paul she became a writer, and among other works, published a book on quotations by women in 1996. She donated several copies of the Nonsexist Word Finder to the Men's Center library, and was a supporter of TCMC. Her consistent usage of language distinguished clearly between sex and gender. She decried the use of "woman" as an adjective, for example. Would you say or write "a man senator from North Dakota"? In a StarTribune OpEd in January, 1988, she stated that "there was no need to mutilate 'standard' English to avoid sexist words."

"Our language provides colorful, unambiguous, vital words for every conceivable use."

Her obituary appeared in the Minneapolis StarTribune, 2021-10-04.
– Andy Mickel, 2021-10-08.

Developing Healthy Boys
MERGE for Equality, a program of the North American MenEngage Network (NAMEN), Inc. is excited to continue offering its "Developing Healthy Boys" training online for Early Childhood Educators. With goals to engage more effectively with children about healthy relationships and gender equality, we develop the concepts of healthy and unhealthy male socialization. We encourage a full appreciation of the whole boy to maximize their capacity to be their authentic selves.

After addressing the processes of socialization, we launch head strong into implementation through classroom storytime. We introduce and practice a co-constructive reading style that encourages active and dynamic conversations with children. CEUs are offered for this five hour training. Request Training Information at: https://www.mergeforequality.org/training-request/

Educators Coaching Series
As a companion resource, we offer a coaching series for Early Childhood Educators who have attended the Developing Healthy Boys training. We focus support upon the real world classroom experience. – 2021-11-03