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Here and There with Twin Cities Men

"I thought maybe a comment in 'Here & There' would be appropriate about this June 1st Wall Street Journal article: "Conversion Therapy Isn't the Cure for 'Toxic Masculinity'" Maybe Boys to Men is more about raising consciousness than conversion." - Carl Erickson, 2018-06-04.

"Thank you so much for the service you provide. As a member, I appreciate what you do for the men of the Twin Cities! - Allan Dahl , 2018-06-04.

"Thanks for all the great work you all do! Say do you folks do, or know of any place that does, anger management/dv classes for Hmong men? - Satveer Chaudhary, 2018-06-04.

Join us the evening of August 9th for a special one-time showing (and reception afterwards) of the 2013 film "The Mask You Live In" organized by Melanie Paradise in cooperation with the Twin Cities Dads Group and TCMC. Melanie wants to bring a diverse audience together to network and gain a better understanding of each other's experiences and perceptions with the film as the catalyst. She writes: "What speaks to you and what misses the mark?"

Watch the movie preview at: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hc45-ptHMxo>
Ticket Price: $14 (includes online fee). This price is identical to MSPFILM festival film prices at St. Anthony Main. More than 120 tickets have been sold (max is 200) Purchase tickets online at: https://www.tugg.com/events/the-mask-you-live-in-vvs8

Date: Thursday, August 9, 2018 Film: 7:00pm-8:40pm Reception: until 11pm
Location: St. Anthony Main Theatre (115 SE Main St., 55414) then adjourn to: Wilde Cafe (65 SE Main St., 55414). \0x0A- Andy Mickel , Tom Maher, Harry Greenberg & Tom Weaver, 2018-07-10.

"The Other Thailand Rescue Story" That other story is a tale about what I call "men's work." It's about men, who on hearing the call to save the boys, came in droves from all over the world. It's about how all those adult male warriors braved unimaginable dangers and suffering to save the lost young guys. It's really an ancient story about how, down through the ages, when the boys were in danger of being lost to their community, the men came for them. While the Thailand cave rescue is a slightly different narrative, and though we haven't heard this story so profoundly demonstrated in recent times, this is a very old tale. - Man-Making Blog, Earl Hipp, 2018-07-18.

The Peace Group at First Universalist Church of Minneapolis, is bringing 31-year-old Paul Chappell to the Twin Cities to share his passion and wisdom for Peace Literacy, especially with youth. Sept. 26 - Oct. 3 for part of Twin Cities Nonviolent has its first initiative: "10 Days Free From Violence" starting September 21 on International Peace Day. www.twincitiesnonviolent.org. Watch his 1-hour video. "Why World Peace is Possible" at: www.paulkchappell.com

Paul, an Iraq war veteran, former Lt. graduated from West Point where he learned much about humanity's history, ancient mythology and how to resolve conflict nonviolently -- go figure. Because of his own childhood abuse and anger he had plans to be a school shooter, now he shares what it'll take to wage peace using Peace Literacy. He also debunks the myths that human beings are naturally violent or that war is inevitable.

Contact me if you'd like to be involved or know more as we make plans. - Rick Gravrok 952-926-6655, rick.gravrok@gmail.com 2018-06-10.

Recent articles in the Minneapolis Star Tribune <http://www.startribune.com/>
"What do dads want? Time with their kids" by Gail Rosenblum, 2018-06-17. "The latest findings come from Pew Research Center which found that 63% of dads say they spend too little time with their children. The biggest roadblock: work. This is true whether Dad is married and co-parenting under one busy roof, or divorced...Fatherhood is the most important job a dad will ever have..."- Andy Mickel, 2018-07-01

"Prostate Cancer Death Rate Not Dropping" "... the new data immediately reignited long-running arguments over the use of screening through prostate-specific antigen, or PSA, tests. In 2012, a federal advisory committee discouraged routine use of PSA tests for all men. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force said too many men were being harmed by aggressive treatment for early-stage malignancies that didn't pose a threat. But earlier this month, citing new data, the task force revised its stance to say that men ages 55 to 69 should make individual decisions on screening after talking to their doctors. The group continued to recommend against screening for men over 70..." - Laurie McGinley (reprinted from the Washington Post). 2018-06-23.

Minnesota Men's Conference Annual Retreat 2018 will occur Sept. 10-16 at the Boundary Waters Canoe Area at Camp Du Nord Ely, Minnesota with teachers including Miguel Rivera Joel Glanzberg Marc Anderson Walton Stanley Benjamin Dennis. $1150 including meals and lodging. - John Ernst, 920-209-1301 <john@mnmens.com>

I've appreciated keeping in touch with you all at TCMC over the years. My latest book, My Distant Dad: Healing the Family Father Wound, by Jed Diamond, Ph.D, is just out. I thought many of your readers would be interested. The e-book is available here: http://connectionvictory.com/jed-diamonds-my-distant-dad-healing-the-family-father-wound/
People can get the first chapter for free here: http://menalive.com/my-distant-dad/
Hope all is well with you and the Center.
E-book available June 17, 2018, Print versions available September 17, 2018 - Jed Diamond, 2018-06-18 <jed@menalive.com>

Mikah Meyer is an openly gay counter-tenor singer and LGBT advocate who the Today Show just featured for performing across the USA as part of his world record journey becoming the youngest person to visit all 417 National Park Service sites. He shares his three shows in the Twin Cities area this September.

1. "An Evening with Mikah Meyer - Singer, Adventurer, & LGBT Advocate"
Wednesday Sep. 19, 6:30pm - Westwood Lutheran Church, 9001 Cedar Lake Rd S, Saint Louis Park, Minnesota 55426

2. "An Evening with Mikah Meyer - Singer, Adventurer, & LGBT Advocate"
Saturday Sep. 22, 7:00pm - St. Paul Reformation Lutheran Church, 100 Oxford St N, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104

3. LGBT Christian Advocate Speaks/Sings at Peace United Church of Christ
Sunday Sep. 23 - 8:30am & 11am services - Peace UCC, 1503 2nd Ave NE, Rochester, Minnesota 55906
https://www.facebook.com/events/203895413669544/ - Mikah Meyer, 2018-07-17