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Here and There with Twin Cities Men

"I wanted to reach out and thank you both for your time and energy spent out at Progress Valley. I got plenty of GREAT feedback from the group! I appreciate what you did for us here at Progress Valley and hope that we can see you again on 5/21 and 5/22 which are currently the next scheduled groups on sexism!" – Tim Gregory, Progress Valley, 2019-03-01

"Keep up your wonderful & necessary work! Thank you!"
– Jill Ann Marks, MA, LP, 2019-02-25

"Keep up the great work!"
– Gregg Bartholomay, 2019-02-22

"Been out of the U.S. & catching up!"
– Allan Rieper, 2019-02-20

The 4th Central Plains Wilderness New Warrior Training Adventure will once again be held on sacred land in Southwest Minnesota near Pipestone. The weekend will be June 21- 23rd. The Mankind Project's Flagship Training, The New Warrior Training Adventure.  For men of today, I believe there is no better return on investment of time and resources anywhere!  Already leading a great life?  Here is your chance to take it to the next level!!!  Been waiting for the right time?  That time is now!  Sign up at www.mkpusa.com Central Plains MKP wants this training to be available to every man.  This event has been designed to make a $600-$900 leadership training available to every man for $225.  RAW means this event has been stripped down to camp out with the barest facilities.  A beautiful land of native prairie grass, hills, and trees with a river running through it outside Chandler, MN.  Friday to Sunday, June 21-23, 2019. FFI, Dave Semenchuk, Dave.semenchuk@gmail.com 612-360-8933
– Jim Ramm 2019-02-11

Recent articles about Men in the news:

"Recently men's issues have come out of the shadows into the light and men are addressing issues as never before.

A December, 2018 article in the New York Times highlighted two programs I've been working with, Evryman and the ManKind Project. A major article featuring Evryman recently appeared in Men's Health Magazine. My colleague, Dan Doty, founder of Evryman, appeared twice on the Today Show. The #MeToo movement has challenged the old patriarchal system and Gillette has recently aired controversial ads in support of a changing role for men. Mark Greene, Senior Editor at The Good Men Project, where I've been associated since they began ten years ago, has written The Little #MeToo Book for Men.

In January, 2019, an opinion piece in The Washington Post, by former New York Times reporter, Andrew L. Yarrow, offers reasons "Why Progressives Should Stop Avoiding Men's Issues" and conservative psychologist Jordan Peterson's videos on sex and gender have been seen by over a hundred million, mostly male, viewers.

Conflict in the world separates men from women, left from right, this group from that. Millions of men are waking up to the reality that they need to change their lives, but they are confused and need guidance. Women also hunger to understand what is going on with men today and what men really need to feel great again."

Read more in The 12 Rules for Becoming Your Own Man: How to Live Fully, Love Deeply, and Make a Difference in the World. – Jed Diamond, 2019-03-03

"Are we overtreating men's cancers?"
U researchers studying the side effects of treatment and ways to tailor it to patients. By Jeremy Olson. – Star Tribune, 2019-02-04

Nearly 50 years after the United States declared war on cancer, the University of Minnesota is launching research into one of the chief casualties — men who survived their diseases only to encounter a lifetime of side effects from aggressive and even toxic treatments.

Male death rates from prostate and testicular cancers have been halved since 1995 because of advances in radiation, chemotherapy and drugs that suppress cancer-fueling hormones such as testosterone. But the treatments take a toll, said Dr. Charles Ryan, a U prostate cancer specialist. Reducing testosterone alone can affect men's mood, strength and energy.

"We're doing to men what menopause does to women," said Ryan, who is a leader in the field known as cancer survivorship. "The concept is looking at what happens to the bodies and the brains and the minds and the muscles of these men." Full story at: https://startribune.com

'Be a Man': What Does That Mean in Modern America? By Harry Bruinius, The Christian Science Monitor, 2019-02-03

Beyond angst over ads and concern that America is afraid to let boys be boys, there are areas of agreement: Neither men nor women should be boxed into stereotypes. Both should be able to be themselves.

Almost a decade ago, when Timothy Malefyt was doing research on the nitty-gritties of masculinity for his client Gillette, he and his small team of corporate anthropologists observed what they considered to be a "paradoxical" set of masculine values among NASCAR fans.

On the one hand, there was a lot of drinking, bawdy jokes, and loud behavior among the men they observed at the Texas Motor Speedway in Ft. Worth, says Mr. Malefyt, the former director of cultural discoveries for the advertising firm BBDO Worldwide in New York. And the raucous groups of men were also relentlessly competitive about nearly everything: who had the best food, the best barbecue grill, or the most tricked out motor home. Full story at https://readersupportednews.org