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Here and There with Twin Cities Men

"Thanks for all you do." – Ernie Schroeder, 2021-08-01

"TCMC, I have relocated from Eden Prairie to Santa Fe, New Mexico. As such, it's the right time to end my affiliation with TCMC. All the best to you!" – James Bredeson, 2021-07-07

Sept. 17-26: 10 Days of Non-Violence in the Twin Cities. I hope you would present your work, needs and perspective in one of our virtual programs. We have resources to assist you if needed. More info in the [3-minute] video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaLgqhT-4Ag
– Thanks, Bill L. Herault <videobill@hotmail.com>

What We Are Not Teaching Boys About Being Human
Excerpt from the article: "...Probably because of this difference in socialization, boys score lower than girls of the same age on virtually all measures of empathy and social skills, a gap that grows throughout childhood and adolescence. This has implications across the board. Among first graders, social emotional ability, including the skills to form and maintain friendships, is a greater predictor of academic success than either family background or cognitive skills. Boys are now lagging behind girls academically at every grade level through college, so providing them with a more nuanced and people-focused emotional world — in what they read and watch, and in the conversations we have with them — might go some way toward closing that gap..." full story at: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/08/06/opinion/boys-gender-books-culture.html
– Ruth Whippman, 2021-08-06

Community Volunteer Service for Warrior Camp building project
I am making preparations right now to build a wild-crafted campus to support a lively men's circle on a new site I am purchasing and developing in St. Paul near Randolph and W 7th St. Many of you know that I have been working in dual-recovery and holistic healing for many years well this is my dream project and master vision, it is being created with everyone's help, joy, and spirit.

I am planning to construct a primitive camp with traditional and hybrid technologies in the next few weeks, this will be for our enjoyment and to provide a beautiful base for prospective students to enroll in daily, bi-weekly, weekend, and evening offering beginning September 20, 2021. The purpose of this invitation, of this camp, is to show up, do the work, build organically, be together, and tell our stories... and thus prepare for more opportunities in the future! I hope you will join the effort or contribute! – Dan Gorbunow <warriorvox@gmail.com>

How to be Happy without denying Reality: The Key to our Survival is Within Reach
This is the second part of the series on how to be happy without denying reality. I'd like to tell you the truth about my own challenges, the reality most therapists never share publicly. I hope my journey will enlighten your own. It began a long time ago... full story at:
– Jed Diamond <jed@menalive.com> 2021-09-05.

Transcendent Man is a book project that features 25 authors in men's work, following the track of personal journey and healing or transformative service. If you have a good chapter in you to write and share on this theme and topic, you can become a "best selling author" with this project.

This team makes best-selling books, composites of writers coming together. They have a program of support and marketing opportunities for your project and work.

Cost: time, focus and money. You have a good chapter to write. You must invest $750 to be in the book, and then whatever other time you want for marketing yourself - the good part is this outfit seems to offer a lot to support for you and your work, but they can't do it for you. They will get a book published and you could be in it. You will be in a circle of other men engaged in their work, and sharing ideas and value.
Contact: R. Scott Holmes 508.414.9366 rscott_holmes@yahoo.com rscottholmes.com
– Dan Gorbunow, 2021-09-05