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    Sunday Men's Brunch - 2009

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Here and There with Twin Cities Men

"Many thanks for donating these Men's Center chairs to the new Bunkhouse at All Nations Gathering Center on Pine Ridge, South Dakota! The last weekend of April saw over 60 guests on the site for various ceremonies and for the first New Warrior Training Adventure to be held out there. We witnessed our first use of the bunkhouse outfitted with these spiffy, colorful chairs (see below) These were put to good use. And now you will have to change the cover photo on your webpage! Again, thank you for this wonderful donation. Blessings on your work."
– Jamie H. Wellik, 2019-05-08.

"I have been a member of TCMC for a number of years. My participation in events and workshops has frankly been sporadic, as at times I have need more support than at others (such is life). TCMC was very helpful, a source of comfort and courage, several years ago when I was going through a divorce, and finding a new life path for myself. After this, I continued my membership, simply because I am committed to the mission of helping other men in times of need, to find their own connection to a community of other caring men. In fact, I have not taken advantage of any classes or workshops for quite a while but continued to be a member, out of this wish to support others. At this time, I will be discontinuing my membership; not out of any negative feelings toward TCMC, but because it is time for me to support other communities and associations. Best of luck in helping men in the Twin Cities to heal, and to find support. Thanks.
– Ned Worrell, 2019-04-15.

The 4th Central Plains Wilderness New Warrior Training Adventure will once again be held on sacred land in Southwest Minnesota near Pipestone. The weekend will be June 21- 23rd. The Mankind Project's Flagship Training, The New Warrior Training Adventure.  For men of today, I believe there is no better return on investment of time and resources anywhere!  Already leading a great life?  Here is your chance to take it to the next level!!!  Been waiting for the right time?  That time is now!  Sign up at www.mkpusa.com Central Plains MKP wants this training to be available to every man.  This event has been designed to make a $600-$900 leadership training available to every man for $225.  RAW means this event has been stripped down to camp out with the barest facilities.  A beautiful land of native prairie grass, hills, and trees with a river running through it outside Chandler, MN.  Friday to Sunday, June 21-23, 2019. FFI, Dave Semenchuk, Dave.semenchuk@gmail.com 612-360-8933
– Jim Ramm 2019-02-11