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Here and There with Twin Cities Men

Veteran Boys to Men Minnesota men Rick Gravrok & Greg Mott are organizing a campout for Men and Boys at some nearby state park later this summer. Contact Rick at: 952-926-6655 <rick.gravrok@gmail.com> for ideas and more information. – Rick Gravrok, 2021-07-18.

Former TCMC Board Chair and Conference Organizer Neil Tift now works for the Native American Fatherhood & Families Association (NAFFA) in Mesa Arizona. "When I recently received your newsletter, I remembered the workshops I offered on Wednesday evenings there and how I enjoyed meeting with the men who attended. I would like to discuss the option to offer one or two again by Zoom, if there would be any interest in doing so this fall...And keep up the good work you do, gentle men. – Neil Tift, Outreach Project Coordinator Native American Fathers and Families Association (NAFFA) 480.833.5007 (office) 480.334.3022 (cell), www.nativeamericanfathers.org 2021-06-22.

On Father's Day (June 20th) two excellent columns appeared in the Minneapolis StarTribune: "The Best Father's Day Gift is Time – a 1937 book helped kids celebrate their fathers" by James Lileks. "...His recollections include a Father's Day Book, a compendium of speeches, poems and plays the children should perform while Father sits in his chair, dressed in a suit and tie, puffing on a pipe and wearing a frozen smile that starts to ache after the second hour..." https://www.startribune.com/lileks-there-s-no-gift-as-good-as-time/600069575/

Dennis Anderson's column "Fatherhood Best Shared in a Physical World" "...In this country, fathers aren't as present in their kids' lives as they once were. Those fathers who share activities with their children outdoors are especially well-positioned for positive gains..." He goes on to cite Minnesota poet Robert Bly's interview with Bill Moyers in 1990: "...you were always with your father. He taught you how to do things, he taught you how to farm, he taught you whatever it is that he did. You learned from him. But you had this sense of being, of receiving a food from him. ... Now, when the father (started to leave) the house in the Industrial Revolution (and until now), that food ended, and I think the average American father now spends ten minutes a day with a son." https://www.startribune.com/fatherhood-is-at-its-best-in-the-physical-world/600070055/

The Medicine Arrows of the Old Ones – Fall, in-person Minnesota Men's Conference Oct 8-10 (Fri-Sun). Teachers Miguel Rivera, Ben Dennis, Timothy Young, and Walton Stanley will lead an experiential exploration.
"All beings carry important medicine within them. Humans are the carriers of images, of connections, of re-arranging the world, of singing to forests and painting the walls of caves and mountains. Now, more than ever, with one-sided talk of humans as destroyers, despoilers, and parasites, the world is in desperate need of the medicine we can make. Creation is thirsty for the medicines which we have forgotten—our songs, our tears, our offerings and our stories. The human soul is as full of connections as the loamy soil beneath the forest. Join us to remember the fragrance of the old ways, to re-connect our thoughts to the wisdom of the old stories, to re-ignite our Grandfather—the fire, to dance for the stars and to drum for the river."

MMC will be at Camp St. Croix in Hudson Wisconsin, $350.00 Register at: https://minnesotamensconference.com/ – Walton Stanley <walton.stanley55@gmail.com> 2021-07-15.

In Part 1 of my article "Understanding Men: The Hidden Reasons We Feel What We Feel and Do What We Do" you'll find the highlights of what I have learned thus far.

"When I was five years old my father took an overdose of sleeping pills and was committed to Camarillo State Mental Hospital. I grew up with an insatiable desire to understand what happened to my father and terrified it would happen to me. I went to college, got married, had children, earned a master's degree, then a PhD, and launched MenAlive.com. I'm 77 now and continue my quest to understand men and the women who love us.
– Jed Diamond <jed@menalive.com> 2021-06-06.