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    Sunday Men's Brunch - 2009

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Here and There with Twin Cities Men

"I am a psychologist and have a client that is currently going through your anger management program. He speaks highly of it!" – Chris Turner Psy.D, L.P., 2023-01-02

Magers & Quinn Bookstore in Uptown Minneapolis now has not only a Gender Studies section but also a Men's Studies section! – Andy Mickel, 2022-12-05.

As part of our Pay It Forward (PIF) campaign late last year we have received great individual donations as well as three gifts from charitable trusts initiated by our members! We're grateful for this support.
– Ben Alfaro, 2023-01-06.

"Thank you for the good work you do to help keep our community and country strong and healthy. We appreciate the effort you put in to accomplish these goals."
– Shiela and John Robertson, 2022-11-21.

"Before it was cool, he saw the value in LGBTQ history" Obituary in the December 10, 2022 StarTribune featured the life of Jean-Nickolaus Tretter 1946-2022 whose life's work was his collection. He gathered together books, magazines, flyers, buttons, records, T-shirts, etc. that all featured the LGBTQ communities. And it resides at the University of Minnesota Anderson Library as the "Tretter Collection". https://www.startribune.com/jean-tetter-local-lgbtq-historian-and-advocate-dies/600234614/

Stan Popovich has submitted several articles to Men Talk regarding helping men who are looking for the answers on how to reduce their persistent fears and anxieties. www.managingfear.com – Stan Popovich, <stan@managingfear.com> 2022-12-24.

Mankind Project Minnesota hosts drop-in Open Men's Groups 1st and 3rd Mondays at the Men's Center: Open to All Men. On 2nd and 4th Mondays the group meets on Zoom. No meeting on 5th Mondays. The groups follow a support and accountability model. FFI: Tom Borden, 651-792-5040 or <tjb076@gmail.com>.
– Tom Borden, 2022-11-20.

"Father Love: How Men Are Creating New Meaning By Becoming Great Dads"
Gaby was determined to become a mom, but Mike wasn't so sure. He loves his career and worries that fatherhood will get in the way of fun, travel, and sexy nights alone with his sexy young wife. But he wants to support Gaby and make her happy—happy wife, happy life, right?—and so they get busy... doing it... from the MenAlive weekly newsletter
https://menalive.com/father-love-how-men-are-creating-new-meaning-by-becoming-great-dads/ – Jed Diamond, 2022-11-20.