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Here and There with Twin Cities Men

ManKind Project Minnesota has scheduled its first in-person NWTA (New Warrior Training Adventure) for November 18-20 (Fri-Sun):
• Good Earth Village, 25303 Old Town Road, Spring Valley, MN 55975, www.goodearthvillage.org

Contact the Enrollment Coordinator, Tom Borden, if you are interested in signing up:  tjb076@gmail.com, (651) 792-5040. Questions:  Call Jamie Wellik at 612-267-2467 or Gerardo Ramos at 651-352-5154 
– Jamie Wellik, 2022-09-18

International Men's Day: November 19th
"Every day, I check what holidays it is that day. For every holiday we can name, there are hundreds of obscure ones that we're missing out on (I wrote this on National Food is Medicine Day, which is also National Cream Filled Donut Day). It doesn't bother me too much that Free Queso Day and Make A Hat Day (tomorrow) slip under the radar, but there is one holiday in November that could use more attention: the 19th, International Men's Day.

November 19th ought to be a day that everyone celebrates every year. Everyone can think of at least one man worth celebrating. It's also a great opportunity to raise awareness about the dozens of long-neglected issues affecting men and boys. And it's on a Saturday. TCMC will be having an Event this year, and I hope that will be just one of many new traditions to look forward to. We're still working out details, so stay tuned! Bring a friend, otherwise they'll be upset that you went to the Historic First Annual IMD celebration at TCMC without them." – Derek Gegner, 2022-09-14

New Nationwide Mental Health Crisis Line: "988" Beginning the weekend of July 16, dialing 9-8-8 can connect anyone to an integrated crisis line making access simpler than the several crisis lines that have been in existence. In Minnesota we still have crisis lines that have been operating for more than 50 years. – Andy Mickel, 2022-07-12.

TCMC Board alternate Dan Gorbunow is the author of Chapter 4 in the Amazon Best-Selling book Find Your Voice 4: Transcendent Men, Real Stories, 20 authors on men's healing. Available for purchase at Magers & Quinn Bookstore in Uptown!
– Dan Gorbunow, 2022-09-19

Social and Emotional Intelligence
"Social-Emotional Learning Should be a Core Subject in School" Op-Ed in the Minneapolis StarTribune. Concerned about addressing violence in America (such as school shootings), nurse practitioner Rachel Frazin writes that a long-term investment in social-emotional learning (SEL) is required as a core subject from pre-K through high school graduation in partnership with families and communities. She cites the necessity for SEL requires an understanding of the psychosocial dynamics underlying aggression. She states that with Minnesota's tradition of investing in social capital, we can lead the nation in supporting the flourishing of hearts and minds.
– Rachel Frazin, StarTribune 2022-09-06

"Would've Helped Younger Me" In response, letter writer Karen Cox stated her wholehearted agreement: "I could have greatly benefited from learning about emotions and how to regulate them when I was growing up. Trauma and parental dysfunction aren't supportive for learning emotional regulation, self-connection or self-esteem—in fact often produces the opposite..."
– Karen Cox, StarTribune 2022-09-11

The Real Issue for Men is Vulnerability
"I was his firstborn after he came home [from WWII]. In all the years I knew him, he never spoke about the war of what happened to him. Any attempt to speak about it, he would tear up, then clam up. The reason he gave was to spare us from the pain. I've come to believe it was to spare him from the vulnerability he felt when remembering his past, connected to his learned belief that 'big boys don't cry,' or 'masculine' men aren't vulnerable...
...In order to be empathetic, however, one has to care. But caring involves feeling vulnerable, and to care about others makes one feel, at least, somewhat vulnerable...
...If vulnerability is seen as a weakness (as many men have learned to see it), don't we then react to it as if it makes us weaker a a person, rather than that it is just being part of our humanness? It's been written that women respect men for their strength but love them for their vulnerability. How can a man be truly loved if he's not able to own and share his vulnerability?
– Gary Burt, StarTribune 2022.07-23