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Here and There with Twin Cities Men

"My Best" to the folks at Twin Cities Men's Center." -- Patrick Joas, 2018-11-29

"Dear Men's Center, Please continue your life-saving work with men. Warmly,"-- John H. Driggs, Bonnie Driggs, 2018-12-31.

"Twin Cities Men's Center: Thank you for building community and fostering love. Your work and efforts are a blessing to this world. Peace and joy to you throughout 2019. Keep up the great work!" -- John Brentnell, 2019-01-19

Shadow Work® Weekend Facilitated by: Karin Green and David Kaar (certification weekend), with Martin Lassoff
Shadow Work® provides the tools to uncover your inner gold, access its potential and liberate the energy trapped in what you hide, repress and deny! You will have an opportunity to do an individual process which allow you to:
- Shift old patterns of behavior that no longer serve you
- Transform anger into power
- Transmute grief into a deep connection with yourself and others
- Turn fear into insight and understanding
- Find compassion, empathy, and acceptance.

This co-gender, non-residential seminar offers you an opportunity to work with your shadow and to reclaim disowned gifts and talents. If you have a primary partner, you may find that attending together will strengthen your relationship.

March 1-3. St Paul, Cost: $395; $100 non- refundable deposit required to reserve your space. Pre-registration required. This is a non-residential seminar. Participants are responsible for their own food and lodging. FFI:David Kaar drkaar107@gmail.com or 612-275-5165. -- Jamie Wellik, 2019-01-20

BRINGING THEM ALL THE WAY HOME is the theme of a March 20, 6-9pm event to share stories of the epic struggle of veterans making it back to home, health and happiness. Storyteller and veteran Larry Johnson organizes World Storytelling Day (WSD) every year at Landmark Center, 75 W. 5th St., St. Paul. always with great stories, and opportunity to benefit some important organization. Event is always free, but this year we invite listeners to make donations to Veteran Resilience Project's mission to make EMDR trauma therapy available to all veterans. Every year, on or around March 20, there are WSD events all over the world, all with the inherent theme, "If I can hear your story, it's harder for me to hate you."
FFI: Larry Johnson larryjvfp@gmail.com -- Larry Johnson, 2019-01-07

ManKind Project Minnesota is hosting an "Issues and Isms" training: A day of learning, discussion, reflection, and sharing about our differences. Friday Feb 8 - Sunday, Feb 10 at 2980 Commers Drive #200 Eagan, MN 55121.

Multicultural moments: If you were to become aware that every relationship or interaction you have with another person is likely to be a multicultural relationship or interaction, what would you want to know about yourself, the other person, and multicultural awareness?

It's all around and within us: Many relationships and interactions each of us has with others have a significant multicultural difference, often more than one. Your relationships with your parents, your children, and your significant other, for example, as well as your interactions with your boss, employees, and co-workers, the members of your social circles, and each person with whom you come into contact are more likely than not to involve such a difference.

There will be specific indigenous teachings on multicultural awareness, to further enhance and empower the Tatanka Alliance (www.mkpusa.org/oyate)

Led by Rick Broniec, co-creator of the training, and Henry Thurman, MKP leader who will be leading the MKP NWTA in April at Pine Ridge, SD. This MKP training will host participation from Women Within.  Women are invited and encouraged to attend. FFI: Dave Semenchuk dave.semenchuk@gmail.com 612-360-8933 -- Jamie Wellik, 2019-01-16

The New York Times (one representation of bi-coast ignorance of Heartland North America) has discovered experiential men's work 35 years late as evidenced in the Dec 8, 2018 article by Hannah Seligson: "These Men Are Waiting to Share Some Feelings With You" "In meetings and retreats, chastened menfolk are working on their feelings." The article contains misinformation about the origins of MKP and omits that it started in Milwaukee, Chicago and Minneapolis. Full article at: