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    Sunday Men's Brunch - 2009

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    Sunday Men's Brunch - 2007

Here and There with Twin Cities Men

"Grateful for your work in the community. Thank you." – Cris Anderson, 2022-02-01.

"Thank you for your good work— for weathering the storm of the pandemic! Keep up the good work!" – Jill Ann Marks, MA, LP

"The Green Knight" is a 2021 film based on a story from the Arthurian legend that's a thousand years old—in the form of a poem. It stars Dev Patel ("Slumdog Millionaire", "Lion") and depicts his "hero's journey" to initiated manhood. However, without understanding the poem, this modern fantasy movie is difficult to understand in its disjoint, nearly sci-fi presentation. See: https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sir_Gawain_and_ the_Green_Knight and https://www. vox.com/culture/22583668/sir-gawain- and-the-green-knight-medieval-poem- explained – Frank Brandon, 2022-03-17.

Cris Anderson continues his Men's Folk Tale Gardening Club on zoom: Apr 7, 2022 07:00 PM and Apr 21, 2022 07:00 PM. Contact Cris at <anders@ bitstream.net> to join in a storytelling sharing time. "We're having a soul- enriching time together with these stories,with a rotating cast of storytellers. We keep coming back to them because there is living wisdom in them that affirms, nourishes and inspires us, and for the fellowship we experience as we breathe life into them and they breathe life back into us. We usually find that whatever dilemmas we are currently negotiating in our lives, we find personal and community meaning and inspiration in these stories that have been handed down to us from our ancestors. The adventures continue." – Cris Anderson, 2022-03-07.

The National Responsible Fatherhood Clearing House is being promoted by the Biden administration at: https:// fatherhood.gov/ to encourage fathers to get involved with their children. Here you will find resources to help dads of all kinds: activities, jokes, discussion blog, events, research and resources— particularly for single dads, or dads that have been distanced from female heads-of- households. – Seen on billboards around the Twin Cities, 2022-02-12.

ODYSSEY Men's Gathering: Fellowship storytelling, Peer Support, practical wisdom and discussion: April 17 with Ted Harrison and May 1 with Walton Stanley. Monthly in Eagan, MN. Register at https://www.SevenFeathersSociety.org/ – Dan Gorbunow, 2022-03-18.

Military veterans have access to a resource-filled website at: https://www. va.gov/REACH/ developed by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. The site addresses challenges veterans face in areas such as: career, education, health, money, disability, life transitions, relationship, trauma, grief and loss, depression,isolation, etc. – Andy Mickel, 2022-01- 16.

"I found my heart inside a story" by Larry Johnson, a Golden Valley veteran, storyteller and National Chair for the Old Gardening Party. <https:// www.hometownsource.com/sun_post/ free/column-i-found-my-heart-inside-a- story/article_beb52d8c-a3f9-11ec-9337- 2f239d21d219.html> <larryjvfp@gmail. com> – Larry Johnson, 2022-03-18.

The Men's Health Revolution: Doing More Good than Curing Cancer. "I believe that the "Men's Health Revolution" is well underway. When I started MenAlive fifty-two years ago I made a commitment to help men live fully authentic lives, to love deeply and well, and to make a positive difference in the world. It was clear to me then, and even clearer now, that if we can heal men, we will go a long way to helping improve the lives of women, as well as the planet we all share...

"I've been interested in men's health for a very long time. I was five years old when my uncle drove me to the mental hospital. I was afraid and confused. "Why do I have to go?" I asked Uncle Harry. "Because your father needs you," he answered simply. "What's the matter with him?" I was beginning to cry, and I clamped my throat tight to stop the tears. There was only silence. In our family, we didn't talk about such things..." More at Jed Diamond's Men Alive blog: <https://menalive.com/the-mens-health- revolution/> – Jed Diamond, 2022-01-23.