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Here and There with Twin Cities Men

From our US Mail:
"Greetings Men's Center Staffers! In these times of extraordinary circumstances" (if I recall the twice-repeated line from the movie "Australia" correctly) and having missed two Galactic [pizza fundraising] events. I wanted to get my contribution in... In two parts, being on Medical Assistance, with very little spendable income. $20 this time (and another $20, hopefully next month). Continued Best Wishes throughout this new... year!
– Larry B. 2021-02-14.

Men's Zoom Folk Tale Engagement Circle, Storyteller: Cris Anderson
Every other Thursday, 7-9pm via Zoom.

We can lend our voices to an old story. There is a story that has me in her mouth that also might inspire you. This invitation is going out to Minnesota Men's Conference, Mankind Project, Great Mother/New Father Conference and other kindred men. Please feel free to forward this invitation to other men.

We're having a soul-enriching time together with these stories, with a rotating cast of storytellers. We keep coming back to them because there is living wisdom in them that affirms, nourishes and inspires us, and for the fellowship we experience as we breathe life into them and they breathe life back into us. We usually find that whatever dilemmas we are currently negotiating in our lives, we find personal and community meaning and inspiration in these stories that have been handed down to us from our ancestors.

Comments about previous sessions: "This was cool!" "Thanks for carrying the story. It was terrific! A very fine evening!" "I second that! Well done." "Much gratitude and respect. This was much needed medicine for the soul." "This has been a godsend for me during these times." "Thank-you for the group tonight. Fabulous life-giving time." "I am humbled to say I love the space and the occupants of the vessel." "These stories are teaching me. It's as if I'm growing thousands of eyes around my head." 

Contact Cris at his websites: www.goodstory.us www.openheartopeneyes.com – 2021-03-14.

New Men's Wellness Space and Nonprofit business is being developed by Dan Gorbunow in St. Paul. This is an exciting project with opportunities to serve diverse communities of men, and peoples, in need of healing, support and practical guidance. Call, text or email Dan if interested: 612-987-0324. thunderbird@live.com, visit www.sevenfeathers.weebly.com 
– Dan Gorbunow, 2021-03-15.

"I've been a marriage and family counselor for more than fifty years and have helped more than 40,000 couples. One of the most common, yet least understood, problems that couples face is Male Irritability and Anger (MIA). I first learned about the problem, though it didn't have a name then, when my own marriage was in trouble. My wife had been trying to get me to see a counselor for many months, but I was reluctant to ask for help, even though I'd been a counselor myself for many years.

I finally agreed to see a counselor when she tearfully told me something had to change. She told me, 'I love you very much, but your anger is destroying the feelings I have for you. If we don't get help soon, I'm afraid we're not going to make it.'

That got my attention, big time. But it also terrified me. If we start digging into our lives, what are we going to find? When she sees the real me —angry, scared, confused, unmanly —will she decide to leave me? How could I continue as a marriage and family counselor if I couldn't fix my own marriage?"

Read what I learned in Is Male Irritability and Anger Undermining Your Marriage? Here are the 4 Warning Signs I look forward to your comments and questions. Best wishes! – Jed Diamond,
jed@menalive.com www.MenAlive.com 2021-03-14

Positive Link is a program of JustUs Health, 2577 W. Territorial Rd, Saint Paul, MN 55114. Positive Link is available for support assistance, and resources related to COVID-19 economic and rent relief. Support+Discussion Groups are held regularly. Contact positivelink@justushealth.org or call 612-373-2464 to register for a zoom meeting. – Johan Baumeister, Peer Support Coordinator Positive Link, 2021-03-15.