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    Sunday Men's Brunch - 2009

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Here and There with Twin Cities Men

"[I suggest:] Annual camp trips w/ the other group affiliate w/Twin Cities Mens group or annual get together" - Matt Barnes, 2022-03-22

"Hang in there! :)" - Russ Rayfield, 2022- 04-18.

"My men's group still meeting weekly via Internet, and now have moved from Chicago to Vermont to live with my son. Am still in pretty good health." – John Everingham, 2022-04-19.

"I love the support the TCMC (Twin Cities Men's Center) provides. It is a blessing to everyone. It's not only for men, women are welcome too. I attended one of the classes they offer and it was heartwarming to witness what they do. It will forever change you. I'm so grateful for them." – Christine, 2022-05-18.

Long-time Men's Center volunteer, one-time board member, creator of the original Men Helping Men with Anger Management workshop, Herb Jaehne died of natural causes at his retirement home in Hawaii on January 12th. Several Men's Center involved men attended a celebration of life event in the backyard of Herb's old residence on Emerson Ave S in April hosted by his daughter, Suzanne. Herb was practical, effective and energetic about the need to create the Anger Management program at TCMC. We will miss his spirit! – Andy Mickel, 2022-04-27.

A visceral story by Frank Bures appeared in the Minneapolis StarTribune on March 28th entitled: "Dead Cold" about a solo canoe close call on the Mississippi River near the Lake Street bridge where he tipped his canoe in the wind and cold. He references another incident detailing an essay about deaths on a glacier-filled lake that killed a trouop of Boy Scouts. After his experience, Frank answers the question: "When you die in cold water is it caused by hypothermia or by drowning?" Answer: "It's both: Hypothermia paralyzes you. Then you drown." Read the full story at: https:// frankbures.com/2022/03/28/dead- cold-a-near-miss-on-the-mississippi/ – Frank Bures, 2022-03-28.

The Spring 2022 issue of Veterans for Peace News packs many stories into its 16 pages. Included personal stories of activists who are studying peace and building peace alternatives in an increasingly militaristic world, especially now that we witness 19th century behavior of Russia waging war against Ukraine. "When we glorify war, we are not honoring the dead, we are enticing the living to join them." – Smedley Butler, 4-star US Marine Corps General.

Is the Female Father Wound Wrecking your Relationship? What Men and Women Need to Know
Jed Diamond, of MenAlive.com, posted a two-part article describing the Female Father Wound. He writes: "I've been dealing with the family father wound my whole life, but it has taken me a long time to recognize how prevalent the father wound is in the lives of men and women and how the female father wound can harm our health and destroy our relationships ..." A self-study online course for men and women who want to understand how their early relationship to their fathers is affecting their adult lives in areas like relationships, money and sex. Read more about the course at: https://diamondprograms. podia.com/healing-father-wound. – Jed Diamond, 2022-05-08.