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Moving Toward Personal Empowerment (MHMWAM Cont.)
Classes For Men

Presented by: the Twin Cities Men's Center

A follow-up course that builds on the Men Helping Men With Anger Management (MHMWAM) class. Successfully completing MHMWAM is a prerequisite to registering for this class.

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Moving Toward Empowerment (MTE) - Class Description

  • Detailed description:
    This is a follow-up course to the popular Men Helping Men with Anger Management (MHMWAM) course. MTE focuses on the subjects of toxic shame, personal empowerment, and developing healthy relationships. It will start with a short review of the material in the original course in the first three weeks. It will be a discussion-centered course that will use a workbook created by David Decker, based on his book “Embracing the Dark Side”. While the original course mainly addresses managing one’s anger when in painful and dysfunctional form, this class will address the deeper work of moving away from an angry life and growing toward an empowered healthy life.
  • Purpose:
    This class is for men who, after completing the original course, want to continue and deepen the transformation that begins when one starts to manage one’s anger.
  • Attendees:
    Anyone who has completed the original MHMWAM course and received a certificate.
  • Course structure:
    This will be a 12 (twelve) week course that meets weekly, with sections of the workbook assigned to read between meetings. Like the original course, we will share phone numbers and encourage men to call each other. Class would be limited to 10 (ten) participants, to maximize discussion. Decker’s workbook will be in PDF format, and we plan to make it available in both digital and printed form.
    Length of Class: One evening per week for 12 consecutive weeks. Each class lasts about two hours.
    Number of Participants: Space is limited to 10 participants with 2 facilitators per class.
  • Cost: $285
  • Starting Dates and Times: Classes will be scheduled as the waiting list fills. Please call the Anger Management Coordinator at 612-229-3102 to find out what other days of the week classes will be coming up.
  • For more information about the program or to ask specific questions about registering for a class, call the Anger Management Coordinator at 612-229-3102.

[Contact MTE Administrators about registering for the MTE class.]