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Beyond Anger: Reclaim Your Fire!

Master Class in Self-Care Strategies for Everyone

The new live-online course, "Beyond Anger: Reclaim Your Fire!" is a great way for adults of all genders and faiths. This course is a good follow up including men who have completed the TCMC Men Helping Men With Anger Management course, however, enrollment is open to all genders, with no prerequisites. 

Are you ready to go beyond anger, and discover the hidden sources of power, transformation, healing, and creativity?

Are you tired of being stuck in the old patterns of stress, loss, and risks to your health and well-being? Do you recognize that you have the power to change your outcomes?

If you've answered yes to any or all of these questions, then consider taking this course!

 What you'll experience and take away from Beyond Anger: Reclaim Your Fire! Live-online course from TCMC:

  • Expert-guided peer support processes
  • Wisdom teachings and data on men's and women's emotional communication styles
  • Honest, safe, confidential conversations and fellowship
  • Self-healing tools to take your personal practices to another level of skill and proficiency
  • Spiritual education and storytelling through mythology and archetypal psychology
  • Positive support group and networking

Testimonials form recent participants:

"This course is about healing and transformation. Focus is on helping and guiding men to think about and implement physical, mental and spiritual self-care. I enjoyed Dan's approach to guiding/helping men learn about themselves. He empowers his students to live in the present, investigate the spiritual world that is part of us, be mindful of our past and what causes stress/anger and use our innate intuition to make the best choices possible when it comes to our self-care. I appreciated Dan's knowledge, caring and grace and I recommend this class." - Paul O., 2022

"I greatly benefitted from Dan's integrated approach to emotional self-awareness and multi-layered unconscious patterns in our bodies. I experienced my healing moving to the next level." - Andy M., 2023

"I'm participating in my own healing when I take this class I got more clarity about myself and life. Dan is an expert at awareness of the human condition, deep in his understanding. With this knowledge, I reduce my risks in life. Thanks Dan" - David C., 2022