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Beyond Anger: Reclaim Your Fire!
Advanced Anger Management - Course For Men

Now that you have completed the TCMC Men Helping Men With Anger Management class, are you now ready for more?

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The new anger management course, "Beyond Anger: Reclaim Your Fire!" is a great way for men who have completed the TCMC Men Helping Men With Anger Management course (and have fully paid the fee) or have demonstrable equivalent training or background can now go further into new territory of self-development and emotional competency.

In the TCMC Men Helping Men With Anger Management class, men learn about emotional intelligence and expression useful in dozens real-life situations. Having learned to manage your expressions of anger, you have made new habits, and now inspired by new skills and ideas, you are growing and adapting.

There is, however, much more to learn, and do, and become: your deeper self is at hand.

Now, it is time to go beyond anger, and discover the hidden sources of power, transformation, healing, and creativity.

We will guide you into a new space, language, and style of learning as a first goal. There's lots of fun and interactive material we will be exploring, some in materials and study, mostly in direct sharing and experience. 

About going further...

  • You are invited to participate in a new course for a select group of motivated students and self-healing “artists” of life: “BEYOND ANGER: RECLAIM YOUR FIRE!”
  • In this new class offering from TCMC, following on the work of the Men Helping Men With Anger Management class, you will be guided on a master 7-week course of self-discovery to help you refine your skills, unmask your purpose, realize your potential, and take a deeper dive into self and community.
  • Exploring the depths, you will gain greater rapport within yourself to help you manifest your goals, dreams, and ideas. The canvas is your life, soul, and personal mission. The tools of the artist: expert guided peer support, storytelling, wisdom teachings, archetypal psychology, ritual, energy practices, and more!
  • You are called to step into the circle of men ready to reclaim their fire: take the next step and sign up today. Upon completing this course, you will be able to identify the skills needed to Reclaim Your Fire!

Class Structure
General Syllabus and Summary of Course:

  1. Anger Management: review your knowledge of anger coping strategies
  2. Be informed: examine your pattern and learn to recognize cues to shift into healthier Behaviors
  3. Cultural and spiritual wisdom to guide your transformation of anger and feelings
  4. Develop your personal "Best Practices for Self" to manage energy and shift Outcomes in alignment with your Desires
  5. Energy and Emotions: Exploring the connections to Sacred Feminine and Masculine teachings
  6. Fellowship and peer support for your emotional recovery processes
  7. Group activities and service project to deepen your experience and empower your Goals
  8. Homecoming celebration with guest or partner to Honor your achievements
  9. Integration of skills post-course and Inviting others to join the Reclaim! community

"This course is about healing and transformation. Focus is on helping and guiding men to think about and implement physical, mental and spiritual self-care. I enjoyed Dan's approach to guiding/helping men learn about themselves. He empowers his students to live in the present, investigate the spiritual world that is part of us, be mindful of our past and what causes stress/anger and use our innate intuition to make the best choices possible when it comes to our self-care. I appreciated Dan's knowledge, caring and grace and I recommend this class." - Paul O., 2022

"I’m participating in my own healing when I take this class I got more clarity about myself and life. Dan is an expert at awareness of the human condition, deep in his understanding. With this knowledge, I reduce my risks in life. Thanks Dan" - David C., 2022

Click here to register for the next 7-Week, Beyond Anger: Reclaim Your Fire! Class at the Twin Cities Men's Center!

Or call the office manager at 612-822-5892 to register, or call the anger management coordinator at 612-229-3102 if you have any other questions.