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Here and There with Twin Cities Men

I was at the AVP Steering Committee meeting tonight and I told them of the Men's Center Transitions Support Group. There were tears in people's eyes, tears of gratitude. We need something like this to share and it sounds absolutely perfect, thank you for letting us know and thank your organization for making it possible. - Joann Perry, Alternatives to Violence Project, 2017-01-19

Phoenix Rising: Healing in the Year of Fire with Malidoma Somé, Sat. Apr. 8, 7-10 p.m., SATTVA Healing Arts, 3200 Bryant Av S, Minneapolis 55408. Malidoma Somé, Dagara (West African) elder, author, and shaman to a community healing event and discussion at SATTVA Healing Arts. We'll kick off the event with some drumming and a short story of creation; we'll venture together into the Dagara cosmological wheel of elements as a doorway to understanding and connection, followed by in-depth lecture with Malidoma on the significance and deeper themes of Fire, ancestor connection, and our times. This will be a fun, dynamic event open to all people/ages/faiths, everyone welcome! Put some healing to the fire in 2017. $69 Adult $125 Couple $49 Single Parent/Youth. To register: stop by SATTVA, or call 612-823-5450, or go online www.sattvamn.com - Dan Gorbunow, 2017-03-19

Monthly Saturday community gatherings (April 8, May 6, etc.) of Mankind Project Minnesota are at SATTVA, 3200 Bryant Av S, Minneapolis 55408. Contact David Grocott, 651-894-2685 <davidgrocott@mkp.org> for more information, or attend the Open Warrior Circle at the Men's Center on Thursday evenings. - Jamie Wellik, 2017-03-15.

Jed Diamond has issued a pair of postings to his Men Alive blog: "The Man's Guide to Women: 5 Things Women Want Men to Know About Fear, Sex, and Love." and "The Woman's Guide to Men: 6 Things Men Want Women to Know About Sex, Love, and Talking". www.menalive.com - Jed Diamond, 2017-03-19.

"I'm writing you because your name was in the contact list of Gary Van Den Heuvel, and so there might be a chance you would want to know that Gary's autobiography/spiritual memoir Wealth of Shenanigans is finally in print, now almost five years since his death. The book synthesizes Gary's vision by combining memoir, essay, Joycean irrationality, and spiritual insight. It illuminates how an understanding of touch as the foundation of mind can shift how we live. Engaging with his ideas can help us better face the serious challenges of our current situation through a radical shift in our philosophical paradigm. The autobiographical portions are gritty, with no punches pulled, and the philosophical portions give us the opportunity to reexamine our assumptions about reality as well as mid-century America." - Wishing you all the best, Kell Julliard, 2017-02-04

The Divorce Men's Network, continues to meet to give support to men going through divorce. They have begun a MeetUp group at: www.meetup.com/thedivorcedguys Contact Bruce Smith, 952-738-1190. FFI: www.thedivorcemensnetwork.org - Jim Lovestar, 2017-03-07.

Mic Hunter's latest workshop is on PTSD and these political times. Julianne Schwietz is organizing through her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/behumazing/ Event is Sun. Apr. 2, 1-5pm at Minnesota Humanities Center, 987 E Ivy Ave, St. Paul, 55106. Dr. Mic Hunter is licensed as both a psychologist and as a marriage & family therapist. He has spoken hundreds of times throughout the world, and in the media including CNN and Oprah. He is the author of numerous books including Back To The Source: The Spiritual Principles Of Jesus, Honor Betrayed: Sexual Abuse In America's Military, and Abused Boys: The Neglected Victims Of Sexual Abuse. FFI: <Mic@DrMicHunter.com> - Mic Hunter, 2017-03-20.