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Here and There with Twin Cities Men

via Tom Maher, TCMC Office Manager-- I received a letter today from a man in prison in Lino Lakes: "Dear Tom, I wanted to write and thank you for all of the information that you sent me today. I really enjoyed all of the issues of "Men Talk", and am sharing them with the other men in the program. I've started my own little membership drive, advocating for the Men's Center and trying to get people to become members. I am using the flyers that you sent as ways to let the men here know of all the programs that you offer. The men that I've spoken with are really interested in the Transitions, Men's Gay Issues, Bi-Sexual Men, and Healthy Sexual Boundaries [support groups]. I really do appreciate all of the work you have done to help me find information that I can share with other men. I am trying to get a donation drive in the group to help defer some of the costs of materials that you are providing for us. Thanks again for everything you are doing for me." -- 2017-04-07

"Andy -- Good to hear from you! We're both alive and kicking!" -- John Everingham, Chicago, 2017-04-21.

via Tom Maher, TCMC Office Manager-- A shout out to Bill Dobbs and all the people who worked to make our new website the thing of beauty that it is: "I'm phoning in to rave about how good your website looks!" -- Jennifer Ovadia, Divorce and Peace in Florida, 2017-04-05

"Just a few words of of THANK YOU for the kindness that you showed me, when my son went missing. I have not and will not forget the kindness you at the Twin Cities Men's Center offered in such a desperate time...I will never forget you. Thanks again." -- E. Palmore, mother in Chicago, 2017-06-19

"Tom: It was truly an honor to have you and your organization represented at our resource fair. We thank all organizations for being a part of this event contributing to its amazing turn out. We look forward to working with you in the future." -- Jinaa Lane, Community Health Worker, Neighborhood Hub, Minneapolis, 2017-06-26.

ManKind Project's I-Group Arrowspace Monthly Men's Breakfast - Group Arrowspace hosts a monthly Men's Breakfast on the second Saturday of every month from 8:00 - 11:00, (most people show up around 9:00) at The Lowry Cafe in North Minneapolis, (NOT in Uptown). The Lowry Cafe is located at 2207 Lowry Ave N, a half block west of the Lowry and Penn Ave intersection. This is a "pay your own way" breakfast. All men are welcome to join in the discussion and camaraderie. Bring a male friend and enjoy the great food and atmosphere of The Lowry Cafe! (We usually sit along the west wall). Contact Tom Maher at 763-588-4679 with any questions. -- Tom Maher, 2017-07-01.

"MALE CIRCUMCISION: A gender double standard on genital mutilation" opinion piece in the Minneapolis Star Tribune by Georganne Chapin. "Americans are appalled at seeing girls subjected to it, but mostly blind to issues involving circumcision of boys. It's time for open talk...In the United States, doctors who cut (or "circumcise") the genitals of little boys are paid for their services. But doctors who cut a girl's genitals can be prosecuted under federal law." More at: http://www.startribune.com/we-re-appalled-at-genital-mutilation-of-girls-what-about-boys-and-circumcision/422052673/ Georganne Chapin is executive director of Intact America, a national advocacy group working to end involuntary circumcision in America. -- 2017-05-12.