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Here and There with Twin Cities Men

"Proud to see the support you guys provide. It's a blessing." - Kimnicole Powell, 2017-12-18

"The Dark Side of Outing Men's Sexual Misdeeds: Generalization of men is the enemy of understanding" in Psychology Today, 2017-12-04 by Joe Kort, Ph.D., a therapist who is a member of ManKind Project:

"With the recent spate of revelations about powerful men behaving inappropriately toward non-consenting people without power--including women, girls, boys and men--I have some concern that, as a culture, we are quick to jump to the easiest conclusion: that all men are libidinous beasts, unable to control their impulses, and prone to harmful, pathological behavior. There is a name for where this leads: Misandry, meaning hatred of men. It corresponds to misogyny, hatred of women.

For instance, a recent Sunday New York Times (Nov. 26) op-ed was titled, "The Unexamined Brutality of the Male Ego." Despite the headline's apparent damning of men in general, the author does make an important point: Men are woefully prepared to talk about or examine their own sexuality or intimate feelings..." More at: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/understanding-the-erotic-code/201712/the-dark-side-outing-men-s-sexual-misdeeds
We have much work to do in listening to our brothers and assisting in their (and our) development of emotional language. So, onward we go, listening with open hearts. - Jim Lovestar, 2017-12-09

The PBS series "The Vietnam War" aired last fall. The PBS affiliate, Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) ran their own series about the experience of Minnesota Vietnam veterans entitled: "Minnesota Remembers Vietnam". Longtime Men Center member, Larry Johnson was featured in a show entitled "61 and Beyond": "As a jr. high athlete in 1961, I did JFK's 50 Mile Hike, a feat that set me up for excellence in the basic training PT test when I was drafted in 1970. In 2007, when I turned 61, I did a 61 Mile Hike, calling for less war, therefore fewer veterans, and an end to arguing about veteran care, especially mental health and exposure to chemical toxins..." More at: https://www.mnvietnam.org/story/61-and-beyond/ - Andy Mickel, 2017-11-21

To: Twin Cities Men's Center "On behalf of all of us at the MCF-Stillwater Facility and its Transitions Department, I would like to take a moment to thank you for your participation and role in making our 12th Annual Transitions Fair such a great success! Your contribution to the event was greatly appreciated. What you have provided a great number of residents with is immeasurable! We couldn't have done it without you..." - Gratefully, Steven Richard, Transition Coordinator, MCF-Stillwater, 2017-10-30.

Post-divorce, the kids deserve best by Carolyn Hax, 2017-11-27
Dear Carolyn: What do you think the "recipe" is for men to continue to stay close to their children after a divorce? I have witnessed over and over again men moving on to their next relationship and the relationship with their children gets moved to the back burner.

Carolyn says: The recipe is for men to stay close to their children instead of pushing them aside in favor of a new relationship. That is, if you're the divorced man you're talking about.

If you're the one dating the divorced man, then it's not up to you what he does, but you can choose not to get possessive of his time, and choose to be encouraging and understanding of the importance of his staying involved in his kids' lives.

If you're the ex, then it's not up to you what he does, but you can choose to set aside your anger, share custody and be as cooperative and flexible as possible when it comes to those arrangements.

If you're the kids, then it's not up to you what he does, but you can do your kid thing and love your parents and recognize the divorce wasn't your fault in any way.

If you're society, then it's not up to you what any given divorced father does, but you can value fatherhood as much as you value motherhood, and support men who take their family responsibilities seriously.

Does that cover it?

Anxiety Counseling Workshop - Practical Intervention Strategies, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada: February 27, 2018 (early rate expires February 6) Online Live Stream: February 27, 2018, Early Rate $209; Regular Rate $235
This workshop provides practical and accessible strategies which can be applied across the lifespan and address the physical, emotional, cognitive and social aspects of anxiety. Including: Anxiety and Its Natural Purpose / Building a New Pattern: Steps Toward Change / Strategies Focused on the Body / Strategies Focused on the Mind-Body Connection / Strategies Focused on the Thinking Mind

Depression Counseling Workshop - Practical Intervention Strategies, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada: February 28, 2018 (early rate expires February 7) Online Live Stream: February 28, 2018, Early Rate $209; Regular Rate $235
This workshop reviews a variety of effective strategies that can be used to help an individual who is struggling with depression. Including: Stigma and Depression / Understanding Help-Rejecting Behavior / Concepts and Strategies for Intervention / Distress Tolerance and Positive Forecasting / Working with Shame and Depression
- Kloe, CTRI, 2018-01-11

"I greatly appreciate all the work and coordinating you have done to make this happen as the Men's Center is a great resource for our men. You and the other TCMC men do such a great job of describing the programming of TCMC, the difference having support makes and the issues that face men throughout their lives." - Mary Cardinal, M.A., Release & Reintegration Specialist | Sex offender Treatment Program (SOTP), Minnesota Correctional Facility - Lino Lakes, 2017-12-17.

ManKind Project's I-Group Arrowspace Monthly Men's Breakfast - Group Arrowspace hosts a monthly Men's Breakfast on the second Saturday of every month from 8:00 - 11:00, (most people show up around 9:00) at The Lowry Cafe in North Minneapolis, (NOT in Uptown). The Lowry Cafe is located at 2207 Lowry Ave N, a half block west of the Lowry and Penn Ave intersection. This is a "pay your own way" breakfast. All men are welcome to join in the discussion and camaraderie. Bring a male friend and enjoy the great food and atmosphere of The Lowry Cafe! (We usually sit along the west wall). Contact Tom Maher at 763-588-4679 with any questions.