Back Page - August/September 2015

Pride Experience

This year TCMC participated in the Pride celebration and I had the privilege of serving as the committee chair for our booth. I came on as the committee chair at the last minute, but with the help of an awesome committee; Rick Charlson, Jim Haney, and Tom Weaver and the support of the board I feel TCMC represented itself well at Pride.

As the chair my objective for Pride was "Branding". In previous years we made an asserted effort in educating people on TCMC, and this year we wanted put more of an effort into being "SEEN". Our theme was "To Being Seen Luau Style" and we converted our tent into a cabana complete w/ the fronting of a grass roof and tiki torches anchoring the sides. For give-aways we passed out leis with the TCMC information attached to them.

The leis were a big success for every one liked the idea of being "lei'd" and we wanted people to walk away from the booth w/ something that would continue to promote TCMC. I felt a sense of accomplishment as I walked through the park and saw our leis being worn w/ our logo in clear site, and I chuckled when I went to a bar later the Sunday evening of Pride and saw a young lady wearing our lei. Let me also note that we were the only organization giving out leis

In closing I must say that the biggest reward in doing Pride this year was witnessing the pride and enthusiasm our volunteers exhibited in working the TCMC booth. The misconception is that only the Men's Center members who identify as bi/gay should represent TCMC at Pride, but it says a lot about our organization and the support of our mission when all men regardless of sexual orientation show visible support for Pride. Needless to say our volunteers were diverse and the energy was magnetic. It made this experience for me worth all of the hard work the committee put into the booth. I cannot thank you all enough for giving me the opportunity to serve as the committee chair for the 2015 TCMC Pride booth.

by Damon Starks, Pride Committee Chair