Back Page - June/July 2016


TCMC Launches a Blog

The Twin Cities Men's Center Blog (Twin Cities Men's Center News) was begun in Feb 2016 to celebrate our "ARC" of 40 years serving the men and families of the Twin Cities and beyond, since Oct 1976. Join us and follow us as we A = take Actions, R = Reflect on the issues of today, without living in the past, or closing the door it it, and C = Celebrate in Community on our shared paths in 2016.

As of this printing of Men Talk, we have posted three pages on the blog, and invite men to comment on our social media presence. We'd like to improve on reaching more men where they are at in the next 40 years.

TCMC 40 Year Learning ARC 1976-2016, Action-Reflection-Celebration

Visioning Growing an On Line Presence in 2016 -- Invitation for evocative Images

Grass Roots 1980's Organizer Stuart Holland -- Founder Minnesota AIDS Massage Network


The TCMC 40th Anniversary Party is coming!

Join us on a journey of creating a year of "Celebration and Renewal" geared toward a fun community celebration on Oct 22, 2016.
Details to follow.

TCMC 40th Anniversary Planning

Tom Weaver and John Ruud have stepped up to co-chair the TCMC 40th Anniversary ARC Committee, charged with planning a celebration of the decades of committed work done at the Twin Cities Men’s Center on behalf of men.
In the first two meetings at Common Roots, men shared ideas and visions for our upcoming 2016 Celebration.  The acronym, ARC, stands for Action–Reflection–Celebration. Participating men actively dialogued about rebranding the TCMC, increasing its visibility, and being present and serving men where they are in their life “ARC”
Our working mission as of today is:
We create an attractive springboard for reconnection and celebration, through inviting active communication, including social media, on-line, print, audio and video, culminating in an engaging community celebration on Oct 22, 2016.
If you are interested in sharing your talents and muscle, please contact the TCMC 40th Anniversary ARC Committee at