Men Talk Articles - October/November 2015

U.S. Supreme Court's Decision on Homosexual Marriage

– © 2015 Billy Glover

The founders of the continuing movement to gain equal/civil rights for homosexual Americans THOUGHT about the subject, religiously, legally, etc.

What most thought was that the main legal argument against sodomy laws, etc, was the Constitution and mainly the Ninth Amendment. It says (what most founders worried about being misunderstood if some citizens were later denied "rights" not listed) that all citizens, as individuals, kept control of their private lives and society and only gave various governments control of necessary means to conduct the nation's business and protect them.

In theory there should have been no reason for a 14th Amendment, etc. If we believe the Declaration of Independence, etc, then from the start, despite the temporary (compromise) allowance of slavery and other errors in the Constitution, we all had our rights.
Therefore, it is irrelevant as to whether marriage is a federal or state issue-it is not the government's right to tell citizens who to marry. It is in a sense the right of various religious groups to tell its members-but NOT their right to tell non-members- who to marry. So there should never have been a need for the "Loving" case since only the individual has the right to decide who they will marry. And the separation of church and state has made this nation a shining light to other nations on the issue of freedom of religion.
"Christianity" has been so dominant in this nation that it is caught by surprise that some citizens feel it is getting too involved with the state-a mistake that has had bad consequences for most Orthodox Churches-Russian, etc.
Fear of the threat of communism and now the push of militant/radical Islamism, has led many fearful "Christians" to push for the government to protect them.

And that push has found a "cause" in the issue of homosexual marriage-many believe that if the term had not been changed to marriage equality, or gay and lesbian marriage we might not have made progress on the issue.
What true Christians need to proclaim is that the reason it is strong in the United States is because it has NOT been controlled by or tried to control the government. AND, if "Christians" can get control of the state today, if Muslims, or Hindus, etc, grow in number, tomorrow THEY may gain control and be anti-Christian.

That is why the government has to be neutral and NOT get involved in inter-religious disagreements, nor let one religious group control the lives of-members of other groups.

So the government can not decide who someone should marry based on one religious group's beliefs or traditions. Laws or non-laws that protect glbt Americans also protect Christian Americans, Jewish Americans, Hindu Americans, etc.

Billy Glover is a writer and gay activist, and one of the founders of the Homosexual Information Center, along with Don Slater, Joe and Jane Hansen, Tony Reyes, Jim Schneider, et al. Websites for parts of ONE and HIC are:,