Men Talk Articles - June/July 2016

A Shout Out to Fathers!

– © 2016 Dan Gorbunow

Blessings to Fathers everywhere:
whether you are enjoying the love of your children or missing them,
whether your heart is full of joy, or grief, or regret, or worry, or rage - perhaps all of them at times!
whether you think you've done all you can or not enough,
whether you made peace and amends with your own father or still working on it,
whether you have found balance in the Sacred Masculine and Feminine or yet to find it,
whether you believe in your own healing power as a loving father or not so much,
Know that you are appreciated and valued by the spirit of fatherhood itself,
by Father Sky and Earth Father, the eternal and glorious mystery that lifts us all up in the
shadow of his wings, with beauty, awe, and love: gratitude and peace go with you.

by Dan Gorbunow
Director of Men's Healing, Sattva Healing Arts