Men Talk February/March 2014


Dreaming and a Deeper Wisdom

– © 2015 Bob Anderson

In my second year of coming out I reported a disturbing dream to a therapist. I was dating a man and though I cared for him deeply and felt attracted, I couldn't come to climax. That was the tip of the iceberg.

In the dream I am sitting cross-legged in the alley behind our house in Robbinsdale where I grew up, idly poking at cinders with a stick. Hearing derisive laughter, I look up to see a figure standing on the balcony of a nearby house. It's my ex-wife, or wait, it's my boyfriend - no, he's standing just behind her. The figures blur and separate and merge again. The mocking laughter is Judy's. She's throwing me something, tossing back something I've given to her, and as I track its arc high in the sky, I realize to my horror that it's my severed scrotum.


What's Inside

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