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Men's Healing: Balancing the Body-Mind through Rosen Method Body Work and Movement

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Spring HealingAs a man personally committed to my own healing and balance, I came to an impasse in my healing in 2009. I had been in an MKP Integration group, Warriors Anonymous, for several years. With the support of my adopted sister, Jane, I had started the Landmark Education Curriculum for life, and there I discovered a deep block in my body: deep sense of fear and sense of a lack of trust and safety. In the Advanced Course, when my thoughts were confronted, I knew I was blocked from something deeply imbedded in the tissues of my body. During a MKP circle check in Aug. 2009 as I shared my deep fears, my MKP brother Andy M. referred me to a Rosen body worker, Dorothea, in Lakeville, and soon my inner journey began!

Still running!
After some initial sessions on the bodywork table doing grief work, Dorothea had me stand, noticing how I would protect my space as she put down a semi circle of yarn in front of me. She is much smaller than me, AND, I realized when she came at me that it was hard for me to stand my ground! I hesitated to protect myself; I could sense a want to freeze or collapse as my body tensed up. Then her words landed on me: "You are still running". Wow, really? A man 6'8" 235 #, still running? .... And I let the warmth of her loving way of speaking sink in... I checked to see, "Am I safe, is this a safe place?" And Yes... my truth, a deep breath, and I sank deeper into my body.... and the journey was on -- to discover what I was running from and how I was continuing to do "re-ru


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