Men Talk June/July 2014


Spiritual Fatherhood: Healing the Shadow Within

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I first encountered the Twin Cities Men's Center in the late summer of 2004, after searching for any resource that could help me in dealing with legal issues. I was seeking parenting time (I didn't know about the term yet) to be with my estranged son who was turning one year old. After a series of bitter disappointments attempting to reconnect with him, I was turning to help. I spoke with an older man at the office, maybe it was Randy, and explained the pain I was going through. The man heard my story, then walked around the desk and without much else to say, gave me a big hug of assurance and healing support. "You don't deserve to be left out of his life." I nearly cried, then continued on my way, seeking various kinds of help. I was on a journey of reclaiming my fatherhood. I had already danced in spiritual ceremony for my son twice, once before he was born for a smooth healthy birth, and again that next year for his well being. He was not directly in my life, yet remained present in my thoughts, prayers, and hopes for reunion.


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