Men Talk October/November 2014



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When I asked the coordinator of youth and campus ministries if he would be interested in some men's perspectives on the Our Whole Lives book I thought it would amount to just a few verbal comments. When I revisited the book and checked out some references, it turned out to be more complex and involved. Because of this I am choosing to share some of what's been written on the subject from other than a feminist view.

Feminist views are a start but they don't tell the whole story. The men's movement (Masculist) isn't as strong, well organized or well funded (some estimate the difference in resources going into women's issues to be in excess of 100 times that going into men's) so we hear almost entirely one perspective which can lead to biased thinking. It's in that vein that I approach this. I don't present views that I consider the final word but do feel they have significance and be given honest consideration. My intent is to open doors and windows of communication and understanding. Much better relationships will be forged when men are fully engaged and fully heard in discussions of gender, equally with women. Not to do so is to fall into the historical men's societal imperative: hold your feelings in; suck it up; take it like a man.


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