Men Talk - April/May 2016


Cross-Generational Wounding:
Why White Cops Kill Young Black Men

– © 2016 Dr. Michael Obsatz

Every week, we learn that another Caucasian policeman has killed a young black man. There is outrage and violence follows. People try to educate police, and proclaim that “Black Lives Matter.” And other counter with, “All lives matter.” Of course they do. But that reply misses the systemic inequity.

Despite the training, the murdering goes on. Why? It is related to fear and mistrust, which is cross-generational – going all the way back to slavery.

Samuel Osherson, in “Finding Our Fathers,” states that sons carry within them the unhealed wounds of their fathers. I believe it goes even further. The unhealed wounds of grandfathers and great grandfathers are also carried around in son’s hearts.
Slavery was a time when Black lives didn’t matter. Black families were divided, children going to one slaveholder, mother going to another, father to still another. Black people were not seen as people. They were property.


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