Men Talk August/September 2014

2015 Pride Booth

The 2015 Pride Festival was June 27-28.
The Chair (Joe S,) and Mr. Anger Management
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The Trauma of "Proving Manhood"

– © 2015 Dr. Michael Obsatz

Boys growing up in America experience trauma. They don't have to come from dysfunctional families, or poor neighborhoods. This is a rash statement, but from my 50 years of working with boys and men, I have concluded that the male socialization process can be traumatic for most boys.

Herb Goldberg wrote in The New Male, "Women bend and men break. The blueprint for masculinity is a blueprint for self-destruction." Terrence Real, in I Don't Want to Talk About It, claims that many boys and men are depressed and isolated.
When we look at the number of men in prison, men who are homeless, men who are drug addicts, men who are violent, men who lack meaningful relationships and connections -- we can begin to see that the old messages are still very potent in 2015.
Be strong. Be sexually active. Be straight. Be independent. Don't ask for help. Don't cry or show vulnerability. Focus on the goal, not the process. Take control. Be dominant. Be right. Pretend to know what you are doing even if you do not. Give up your life for your country.


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