Men Talk - August/September 2016

STOP the Killing

Prison Survival Circa 2016

– © 2016 Harry Greenberg

The numbers of Americans behind bars are staggering. 6,851,000. One person for each 36 adults in the US, was under some type of correctional supervision at the end of 2014. In Hennepin County in 2011, more than 6000 people were admitted to incarceration facilities.

In many minority and inner city communities, going to prison is so common it is practically considered a rite of passage. And it is men who fill our prisons. 92.5% of the prison population are men. And given this historically high percentage of male incarceration, the Men's Center, which provides transitional supports groups for men exiting prison, should endeavor to understand what these men have been through. We should also familiarize ourselves with the barriers and challenges they face when they are released- and over 90% of people doing time as I write this will get out.


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