Men Talk August/September 2014


A Second Chance--25 Years Later

– © 2014 Shepherd Bliss with Assumpta Ortiz

A "Second Chance," after 25 years of absence, was recently offered Shepherd by Assumpta in an email from Europe. We met in Barcelona in l988. I quickly answered her email with an abiding feeling of connection.

"Where are you staying?" this cinnamon-shaded woman had inquired in Spanish, after I presented at an international conference. "You could stay at my home." I appreciated her Catalan hospitality, but declined. I eventually moved in for a few days. Assumpta later visited me in Boston. When she moved to Montreal for graduate studies, I visited her. My "Making Love in Spanish Differs," appeared in two books.

Assumpta remembers our beginning as "an irrational, intuitive, impulsive, deep experience." She felt "an immediate affection when your eyes locked on mine. I was a free woman. I felt loved and understood in my whole person, alive and energetic." She describes the indispensable elements of love as "empathy, solidarity, communication, friendship, altruism, intimacy, respect, and reciprocity."


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