help: frequently asked questions

This page contains answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Q. Regarding divorce, and child custody/support issues. Are there places to go to get help? I am wondering if you send out any material-- newsletters, literature, resources of any kind.

A. Yes, call and ask for the Family Law Clinic at:

And be sure to get some emotional support for yourself either by attending a General Issues Divorce Support Group at the Men's Center!

Q. Does the TCMC have any recommended legal contacts in the Twin Cities area? I need to consult with an attorney regarding child-support issues.

A. We keep a few names on file of male-supportive attorneys who make presentations at the Men's Center on the topic of men and divorce. Call and ask Randy Genrich, our office manager to give them to you.

Q. I am the managing editor of <journal> and am writing to ask if we might reprint the article "<on Men>" from Men Talk.

A. The copyright of each article appearing in Men Talk belongs to the author unless otherwise stated. Contact the author and get his/her permission.

Q. When are your next Anger Management classes being held?

A. Anger Management classes are launched when a sufficient number of interested men have committed to take the class. Fortunately this happens nearly every month. Contact the Anger Management coordinator, John Hesch. You can also find info on our Anger Management page.

Q. Isn't the Men's Center just for gay men?

A. No, the Men's Center is for all men. All men have far more in common with each other than differences! See our values statement.

Q. I'm having trouble in my marriage and am being accused of not being able to communicate. I feel misunderstood. Help!

A. Come to the Thursday night Men's Support Group at the Men's Center. You will find other men who have been through similar situations and may help.

Q. Do you have anything for men whose fathers are gay?

A. Occasionally we have had a Wednesday presentation on just this topic. Any of our support groups would be a good place to discuss this topic.

Q. Why don't you have more emphasis on the mythopoetic approach to men's work advocated by Robert Bly?

A. The Men's Center is in fact heavily influenced by the generic spirituality and wisdom contained in our culture's mythology and poetry traced back to native peoples all over the world. Robert Bly has done terrific pioneering work to raise everyone's awareness of just how fundamentally important this work is not just for men, but also for women.

Q. Are there any resources for men who are battered by spouses/partners?

A. Yes. Since 1990, in the enlightened climate of women and men working together to solve all domestic violence problems in the Twin Cities, cooperation exists to provide such help to men.

Q. Do you have, or can you direct me, to any SLAA meetings in the Twin Cities area?

A. The SLAA Intergroup website lets your search for a group near you. Go to their website.

Q. Why doesn't the Men's Center produce any more Midwest Regional Men's Conferences like in the 80's?

A. Regional Conferences take a lot of volunteer work. The Men's Center has been focussing on it's core mission of providing direct peer-to-peer support. Conferences hosted by other organizations are announced on our Here & There page.

Q. Do you have an updated copy of the Men's Survival Resource Book from 1978?

A. No. It's been a goal of ours to put this information up on our website.

Q. Why doesn't the Men's Center lobby for divorce reform and for men's equality with women?

A. This is clearly outside of our mission although we understand the need, and network with social-action organizations which do; we are an educational, non-profit, 501(c)3 organization.

Q. Are there any support group meetings for men outside the Twin Cities metro area?

A. Yes, at various organizations not affiliated with the Men's Center. For example, PFLAG has meetings in a dozen cities around the state.

Q. Can I get back issues of Men Talk?

A. Yes! Simply send $3 to the Men's Center and ask for any issue since 1995.