Here and There - December 2014 / January 2015

Upcoming Monthly Men's Sunday Brunches, drop-in anytime 10AM-1PM (bring something to share/cook up): December 21st at Jamie Wellik's 31 Meander Road, Golden Valley, 55422. 612-267-2467 (west of Hwy 100 off Glenwood Ave) and January 18th at Frank Brandon's 975 Como Blvd E, St. Paul, 55103 651-487-3008 (on the east side of Lake Como). 8 men attended the brunch at the Men's Center in October; 4 men attended Rick Charlson's brunch in November. - Andy Mickel, 2014-11-17.

To the Palace of Kings selected longer poems by Timothy Young is newly published by Red Dragonfly Press, 106pp, ISBN 9781937693657. In 1983, at the coaxing of the literary elder, Meridel LeSueur, Shadow Press, USA published Timothy Young's long broadside of poetry, "Men Don't Dance in America" [framed and hanging in the Men's Center], one of the early anthems of the then-budding men's movement. This long rhythmic celebration was the first of many poems Young published, recorded or performed over thirty years. This collection, To the Palace of Kings also includes The "Mississippi Book of the Dead", eighty stanzas which "channel mid-life unrest into a kind of pan-heartland pilgrimage, transforming mundane observations of place into a numinous whole" both poems spanning "thirty years' worth of soulful grief and joy." FFI: - Tim Young, 2014-11-06.

"I have been to a total of two support group meetings, so it would be a bit premature for me to have developed 'feelings' or 'thoughts' [for the Twin Cities Men's Center or Men Talk]. I don't know the membership well. I note on the schedule an absence of books, music, and current events." - Scott Westrom, 2014-11.

Ed Barton, for many years (several decades!) has been pursuing completing collections of earlier publications such as Men Talk from the Men's Center. He recently contacted us to obtain missing back issues, and provided extensive research results of who else has (partial) archive collections in our area: The Minnesota Historical Society, the Wisconsin Historical Society, the U of Minnesota Library and Hennepin County Library. FFI: Ed Barton, Research Coordinator ManKind Project International (MKPI); Volunteer Curator, Changing Men Collections, Michigan State University Libraries, E. Lansing, MI 517-336-7073. - Andy Mickel, 2014-11-12.

"New Shelter Also Serves Victimized Boys" More resources are available for sexually exploited boys, provided by The Link which opened the Passageways Shelter and Housing Program in Prior Lake. It provides shelter not only for girls but also for boys and transgender youth. "Unfortunately, the majority of [local] services, until our program opened, have actually been very focused on girls and women being the victims and men being the perpetrators and johns" said executive director Beth Holger-Ambrose. Fully story at: - Nicole Norfleet, Star Tribune, 2014-11-04

"Healthy Parenting in the 21st Century: Unique Challenges of Fathers" 12th Annual Fatherhood & Family Services Summit, February 2-3, 2015 at Best Western Plus Kelly Inn in St. Cloud, MN

Featured presenters include: Guy Bowling, Manager of the Goodwill Easter Seals Minnesota Father Project; Jay Fagen, Ph.D., Co-Director of the Fatherhood Research and Practice Network, and J. Michael Hall, Founder and President of Strong Fathers-Strong Families!

Minnesota Fathers & Families Network (MFFN) recognizes that fathers play a critical role in healthy parenting. Fatherhood in the 21stt century comes with challenges that are unique to fathers... including married and unmarried fathers, custodial and noncustodial fathers, teen fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, foster fathers, etc. We can see a shift in expectations across cultures and socio-economic levels over the past decades. How men choose to meet these expectations, and how as fatherhood professionals we best support fathers today continues to be a challenge. FFI: or call Jennifer at 651.271.0306. - - 2014-09-08.

Public Policy on Healthy Fatherhood Moving Forward - MFFN
Minnesota Fathers & Families Network (MFFN) has had a goal to change public policy to encourage more positive father involvement in families has led to the formation of a Fatherhood Public Policy Working Group. This group has had representation from a variety of governmental agencies, direct service providers, social services, and MFFN.
The year long work of a Fatherhood Public Policy Working Group is coming together into an effort to: significantly increase funding for fatherhood services, and establish a state commission on fatherhood.

A series of six statewide meetings is being organized to bring these ideas to stakeholders and listen to questions, concerns and comments about this effort.
- MFFN,, 2014-11-03

The next ManKind Project New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA) for men in Minnesota will be hosted by Central Plains MKP in mid-April, 2015 at the Goodwill Camp in South Sioux City. Cost is $595.00. Matching Fund Scholarships are available. To hold your place, send a deposit of $150.00 to: Tim Greer, Registrar Central Plains MKP, 12727 W. Dodge Rd. #102A Omaha, NE 68154. FFI: Alex Bender, 651-492-1243. - Andy Mickel, 2014-11-03.

Winter Blues Men's Workshop at Twin Cities Men's Center

Saturday December 6th 12:30-4:30pm $29/door $25/pre-registration
TCMC: 3249 Hennepin Ave S, Ste 55, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Overcome the shadows of the season: isolation, depression, materialism, consumption, family disconnection, coldness, trauma, addiction, busyness, distraction, boredom, fear, loneliness.

Workshop includes invocation, drumming, purification, meditation, brotherhood, abundance, fire and water, movement, honesty, courage, play, presence, spirit, ancestors, totems, stillness, wisdom, and respect. This is a "Warm the Bones" Ritual to identify, confront and heal our personal and collective shadows.

Males of all ages, creeds and cultures welcome! Facilitator: Dan Gorbunow, AMT         
To Register and More Info: