Here and There - October/November 2015

Upcoming Monthly Men's Sunday Brunches, drop-in anytime 10AM-1PM (bring something to share/cook up): October 18th at the Men's Center 3249 Hennepin Ave S, Suite 55, Minneapolis 55408, 39th anniversary celebration, Andy Mickel and Daniel Heist co-hosts. November 15th Stephen Sewell's, 647 Lincoln Ave #F, St. Paul, 55105 (just west of Dale Av) 612-229-6699. About 10 men attended each brunch in August & September — Andy Mickel, 2015-09-20.

The next ManKind Project New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA) for men in Minnesota will be hosted by Central Plains MKP Minnesota Community in mid-October, 2015 at Camp Voyageur in Mound, Minnesota. Cost is $595.00. Matching Fund Scholarships are available. To hold your place, send a deposit of $150.00 to: Tim Greer, Registrar Central Plains MKP, 12727 W. Dodge Rd. #102A Omaha, NE 68154. FFI: Jamie Wellik 612-267-2467. — Andy Mickel, 2015-07-04.

"Instincts, Ancient Practices and Enlightenment" - Workshop by Diane Redmond & Belinda Gore, Thu-Sun Oct 15-18, $350-700 (sliding) at the Carondelet Center, St. Paul. Our purpose in this retreat is to open and balance the three body-based instincts as understood in Enneagram theory, raising their vibration to allow a deeper or higher intelligence to manifest in us. During the four days of this intensive workshop, we explore the varied expressions of Self-Preservation, Sexual, and Social instincts, using experiential learning for opening, listening, and trusting our own direct experience of each instinct. In addition, the ancient body-based practice of ritual postures uses breath, sound, and posture to expand our experience and capacity for contact with spirit. Since the instincts are also body-based, we come to understand them as aspects of the animal body that, once conscious and functioning harmoniously, move naturally toward the higher instinct for Enlightenment. FFI, — Curt Micka, 612-226-1702, 2015-07-18.

2015 Minnesota Fathers & Families Network Fall Seminar Series: Healthy Births, Healthy Babies: Fathers as Partners and Protectors A day-long workshop that explores the important roles fathers play during the early years in family formation, share information about resources and programs that focus on fathers as co-parents and strategies and tips for engaging fathers during this critical time. Recent research identifies this as a critical time for community professionals to work together to weave a network of support and create a "social womb" for new families that includes fathers as partners. October 19 in St. Paul at Northwest Area Foundation; October 26 in Duluth area (site to be determined) FFI: — Andy Mickel, 2015-09-01.

Men Facing Retirement Issues support group which usually meets on the 3rd Sunday at 5:30 p.m, will meet on the 4th Sunday of October the 25th at 5:30 p.m. This support group is for men thinking about retirement or have retired, and want to share feelings about this major life changing event. — Norm Petrik, 2015-09-12

There are three Transition Fairs coming up in October.

  • Moose Lake is on Thursday Oct 1st, 8:00am - 2:30pm
  • Red Wing is on Thursday Oct 15th, 8:00am - 1:30pm
  • Stillwater is on Wednesday Oct 28th, 7:15am - 3:00pm

The registration deadline is Sept 15th. If you want to help represent the Men's Center at these fairs please email me back or let me know at the board meeting on Sept 14th. Having three fairs in one month may be a chalange to cover. If you have been thinking of working one of the fairs, now is the time. Feel free to call or email me if you have any questions. 763-458-6595
— Jim Heaney, 2015-08-31

I talked to some men at your booth at the Mounds View festival some years ago about circumcision. I didn't circumcise my son and I'm so glad. I've been running an advertising (via poster) service at colleges since 1992. My son printed up hundreds of anti-circumcision posters and I've been putting them up. Then this year I've been putting up copies of the Medical Study posters you had an example of at the booth. They are staying up better and I believe are making progress. I added at the bottom that most insurance no longer covers this and that Medical Assistance no longer covers circ in MN and at least 16 other states, and that Female Circ has been outlawed in the U.S. since 1997. Thank you for inspiring me. There are many anti-circ Facebook groups to join too. I'm active now on those. — Ruth Castle, 2015-09-22