Here and There - October/November 2016

Upcoming Monthly Men's Sunday Brunches, drop-in anytime 10AM-1PM (bring something to share/cook up): October 16: no brunch in lieu of Men's Center 40th Anniversary Celebration, Saturday, October 22nd, 1-5pm, 300 Clifton Avenue, Minneapolis 55403. Come and share appetizers and beverages. November 20th at Stan Bookout's 2512 37th Av S 55406 377-1414. 16 men each attended Harry's brunch in August and Andy’s brunch in September. – Andy Mickel, 2016-09-18.

Mankind Project Minnesota continues to host community gatherings. Please contact Jamie Wellik, 612-267-2467 <> for more information, or attend the Open Warrior Circle at the Men’s Center on Thursday evenings. – David Kaar, 2016-09-07.

Longtime Men’s Center storyteller, Larry Johnson turns 70 and will walk 70 miles in 3 days, partially at the urging of his sister, who said, “It’s only right. After all, mom died when she was 70”. According to Larry: "of course, Mom, and many others I know, including veterans, had/have cancer. The hike is also 22 plus miles each day, my own urgency at the travesty of the 22 veterans daily who take their own lives."

Do your own shorter hike and carry your own list of veterans who have suffered from cancer or taken their own lives, as well as family and friends who have suffered or died from cancer. My concern is over the cancer footprint of nuclear.

"Day One, October 22, I will walk from Rosemount to Northfield, because Paul Wellstone taught and began organizing there. My dream was to reproduce the 50 Mile Hike at age 50 to help him win again in 1996, but I was so incapacitated I could barely move. Day Two, October 23, I will walk from Stanton (near Northfield) to Prairie Island, with an evening stop at the lighting of the Pumpkins at the Depot in Red Wing. May the artistically carved jack and jill o'lanterns ward off the evil of nuclear cancer producers. Then Day Three, United Nations Day on October 24, will be from Red Wing, down the Wisconsin side of beautiful Lake Pepin, now grotesquely polluted with industrial and agricultural toxins generating cancer and other modern diseases." – Larry Johnson, 2016-09-03.

My 14-year-old daughter was catcalled on the street, leaving me to confront a conflicting set of male instincts. "...She told us about the men standing on Hennepin Avenue and how they catcalled her. She told us what they said and how it made her feel. She passed it along matter-of-factly, but it weighed on her with the persistence of gravity...
"I don’t think I betrayed my thoughts to her. She developed strategies to survive the week — avoid the creepy men, call friends to pick her up, wear headphones, walk faster, avoid eye contact. We rehearsed a few responses. She finished the summer intensive and enjoyed her experience. She learned a lot about dance, about adulthood, about men, about life.

"And I had an epiphany about privilege. Because I am black in a white world, I know what it’s like to exist outside of privilege. I know how it feels to explain your experience to people hard-wired to defend their team against perceived accusations. As a man in a patriarchal world, I sometimes forget that I also possess privilege. Considered broadly, a lot of people are like me, simultaneously privileged and marginalized. That night I listened to my daughter with everything I had because I know what it’s like to want to be heard." – Michael Kleber-Diggs, Minneapolis StarTribune, Complete story at: <>, 2016-09-06.

"'A Whole Lot of Action' Over Change in Alimony" The Minnesota Cohabitation Alimony Reform law went into effect the first day of August...the law allows judges to end, alter or suspend spousal maintenance (also called alimony) if recipients are found to be living in a committed relationship with a significant other. Supporters of the change say too many people take advantage of the system and their exes — by co-habitating instead of marrying so that spousal maintenance payments continue.”

"Alimony is not inherently bad, said a father of two, but this can’t be about getting paid to not get married." – Gail Rosenbaum, Star Tribune, full story at: <>, 2016-08-18

Domestic Violence, Sex-Trafficking, and Bullying Awareness Day - October 24 at Minneapolis Community & Technical College (MCTC).
10:00am-12:30pm -- Resource Fair;
1:00pm-3:30pm -- Presentation/Program from Breaking Free, entitled Pimp Culture and Methods of Recruitment
– Anna Mazig, MCTC Student Support Center, <>, 2016-09-20