Here and There - June/July 2016

Upcoming Monthly Men's Sunday Brunches, drop-in anytime 10AM-1PM (bring something to share/cook up): June 19th (Father's Day - children welcome) at Jim Lovestar's backyard picnic table, 2629 Upton Ave N, Minneapolis 55411(1 block east of Theodore Wirth Parkway and near the Broadway/Lowry Jct), 612-588-8984. July 17th at David Kaar's duplex: 2936 44th Ave S. Minneapolis 55406 (near Lake St. & Miss. River) 612-275-5165. 16 men attended Andy's brunch in April; May's brunch was cancelled on short notice.
-- Andy Mickel, 2016-05-16.

Half-price "raw wilderness" ManKind Project New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA) for men in Minnesota will be hosted by Central Plains MKP "Next Mankind Project Warrior Training will be held on native prairie land in the wilderness near Pipestone, MN June 17-19.

Cost is $300 with some scholarship assistance available from Thursday Open Men's Circle at Twin Cities Men's Center. For more information, go to FFI: Jamie Wellik, 612-267-2467.
-- Jamie Wellik, 2016-05-13.

"Divorce outside the box" Minnesota has long been a leader in making divorce less awful. We've led the way with collaborative lawyers, mediators (who guide couples without offering legal advice) and co-parenting coaches. We have early neutral evaluation (ENE) to help divorcing and never-married parents move more quickly and cheaply through the courts. Here are some new ideas that build on those concepts:

Private divorce: A bill gaining traction in the Legislature would allow divorcing couples to complete an online form, then submit agreements on finances, children and more. The agreement could be modified at any time. This online system takes couples through every aspect of divorce, offering legal, financial and emotional help for an average price of $6,000.
Dads are important: Minnesota, sadly, is not among a growing number of states moving to an assumption of 50-50 parenting-time arrangements. But legislators are acknowledging that children need both parents in their lives.

Discernment counseling: This new form of short-term counseling, focusing on "mixed agenda" couples where one wants to divorce and the other doesn't, explores whether the marriage can and should be saved <>.
-- Gail Rosenblum, Star Tribune, 2016-03-27


"Bringing fresh thinking to divorce"
A bill to keep divorcing couples out of court may or may not pass this legislative session. But couples navigating the tough terrain of a split should take heart regardless. Introduced by Rep. John Lesch and Sen. Sandy Pappas, both St. Paul DFLers, the "cooperative private divorce" bill joins other innovative ideas aimed at helping couples uncouple without losing their morals, money or minds. More at:
-- Gail Rosenbaum, Star Tribune, 2016-03-29

"As the times change, should alimony, too?" The end of a marriage, as anyone who's been through it knows, is rarely the end of a marriage... Marriage rates are down since the 1950s in most age groups...The Minnesota Alimony Reform bill (HF1333) would require that payments end when the payee provides evidence of the ex's joint back accounts, joint responsibilities for living expenses, recognition of the new relationship with family and friends and the sharing of household duties. - Gail Rosenblum, Star Tribune, 2016-03-27

Star Tribune; Date: Mar 14, 2016; "LIKE A GIRL": So much more than an insult. The phrase "like a girl" has become demeaning. So many young teenage boys and girls hear it used in an unacceptable way. "You throw like a girl." "You run like a girl." It is a phrase that just stuck with a sinking, belittling definition behind it. That needs to change. But the tragic truth of it all is that it does not end there. Gender roles are still a huge problem in our country. Not only for women, but men, too. Men are supposed to be tough, hardworking people, and when they do not act that way, they get harassed. Women need to cook and clean and cannot lift anything heavy because they are too fragile. All of these are stereotypes that need to end.
-- A Jacobson, Star Tribune; Date: Mar 14, 2016;03.