Here and There - August / September 2000

Monthly Men’s Sunday Morning Brunches (bring something to share/cook up) continue to be an enjoyable time for men to hang out together and enjoy good food with no agenda whatsoever. Next brunches: Sunday, August 20 at Andy Mickel’s house, 106 SE Arthur Ave., Minneapolis (near Hwy 280 and I-94), 612/331-8396; Sunday, September 17 at Michael Volk’s, 4520 Abbott Ave S, Minneapolis 612/927-0869. These brunches are open to all men and start at 10 a.m. Plan to come and chat and eat for a 1/2-hour to 2-hour period anytime until 1 p.m. -- inevitably some men stay on until 2 p.m
- Andy Mickel, 2000-07-17.

"Congratulations on the recent, very positive TV coverage [6-minute, prime-time news segment in mid-May on KSTP, Channel 5, starring Bob Anderson, Bob Lundberg, Hank Bruns, Herb Jaehne, and 10 other men] of the Men's Center and the Men Helping Men with Anger program!"
- Steve Plocher, 2000-06-01.

Keep up the good work! I like the Tuesday Nite support group in St. Paul with Hank or Dick facilitating.”
- Joe Merkl, 2000-06-03.

The next Minnesota New Warrior Training Adventure Weekend, produced by the Mankind Project Minnesota, is scheduled for this fall: November 10-12. Register between August 1st and August 31st and pay $545, after September 1 the tuition will still be a bargain at $595. Two no-cost, 1-1/2 hour

“Open house” gatherings in men’s homes are scheduled to help men learn whether this experiential-and-ritual process would be useful to them. These will be held on Thursday, September 26th: contact Jim Cisek, 612/789-3469 and on Thursday, October 19: contact Andy Mickel, 612/331-8396. To gain answers to other questions, please call enrollment coordinator Chris Darling, 612/706-7967.
- Chris Darling, 2000-07-01.

16th Annual Minnesota Men’s Conference Feasting the Mother Bear with Robert Bly, Martín Prechtel, Haki Madhubuti, Miguel Rivera, Tom Verner, Sept. 19-24, Camp Miller, Sturgeon Lake, MN.

From the brochure: “Inside every man, often forgotten or unseen, is some diverse thing, that is useful for the village, the world and himself.
     What can men of all ages, colors, cultures do to make this new era a feast of hope and possibility for the living planet and its peoples? For millennia both men and women have suffered hardship to cause the survival of their families. After centuries of being sent to endless wars, cheated out of their homelands by industry and politics, enslaved and indentured, the humdrum-work-a-day technological existence of the '
modern' 20th century seemed like a relief at the time.
     However, in a world gone mad with greed, the legacy and price of this “relief” has left most men feeling robbed of their natural worth and spiritual usefulness. Come together now and through ancient myths, our own stories, poetry, ritual, grief, ecstasy and our love for the Divine Female, let us work to find our personal and collective gifts.
     Like carriers of sacred seeds we should begin to cultivate our usefulness without losing our natural love of life and play.”

- Craig Ungermann, 2000-06-28.

Our web site, was completely redesigned in June by Bill Dobbs-check it out and give us feedback! Our site was also the featured in the cover story on “Women and Men: Sites for the Sexes” in the monthly Twin Cities Internet Guide and Directory Vol 3, No 9, June, 2000. An informal team of Bill, David Kaar, Bill Dobbs, Jim Lovestar, Scott Benson and Andy Mickel are answering queries made by men who choose to E-mail us at the Men’s Center’s E-mail address:
- Andy Mickel, 2000-07-19.