Anger Management Classes For Men
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Next Classes scheduled to start April 26 Wednesday Nights 7-9 PM.
Pre-Registration is required.
Enrollment is on a first come, first served basis.
Classes will fill up prior to the start date of the class.

For men who believe that their verbal and emotional expression of anger is out of control.
For men who desire to significantly improve their relationships at home and at work.

Presented by the Twin Cities Men's Center

Current Class Schedule

Classes are filled on a first come, first served basis. Currently, there are classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. To register, send in the registration at the bottom of the page or call 612-229-3102 to have registration send out.

Next Classes start:
April 26 Wednesday Nights 7-9 PM.

Call 612-229-3102 to reserve your seat.

Anger Management Info

The fee for taking the Men Helping Men with Anger course is $275.

For info about the program or to register for a class, call the anger management phone at 612-229-3102.

If you’ve completed a class and need follow-up, or support, you can choose to retake the class for $65. Many guys do this, taking seriously the idea that learning this subject is a life-long practice.

The program is seeking men who have taken or facilitated the course to serve on an advisory board regarding policies and procedures.

Also wanted are men to work on program publicity and outreach. Call the anger phone, 612-229-3102.

The focus of the twelve-week anger management class is both education and support. Through class interaction, experiential exercises, lecture, and homework assignments, men will develop new ways to manage their feelings of anger. Following completion of the class, participants can join an ongoing support group to reinforce their new skills. These ongoing support groups will also be facilitated by the trained volunteer facilitators.

Length of Class: One evening per week for 12 consecutive weeks. Each class lasts about two hours.

Number of Participants: Space is limited to 15 participants with 2 facilitators per class.

Cost: $275     ($265 for Men Center members)

Starting Dates and Times: Classes will be scheduled as the waiting list fills. Please call the Men's Center at 612/822-5892 to be placed on the waiting list. State name, address, telephone, preferred day of the week, and available starting date. Other questions, call John Hesch at 612/229-3102.

Register today! Space is limited. See registration form below.

Anger Management Refund Policy

Please remember that others could have filled your spot, if we were given timely notice that you weren't taking the class.

  1. All checks must be deposited for 7 days before refund. There is a non refundable fee of $50.

  2. If you cancel 1 week before the class starts, the refund will be 100% after the non refundable fee.

  3. If you cancel before the day of the first class, the refund is 75% after the non refundable fee.

  4. If you attend the first class and then cancel, the refund is 70% after the non refundable fee.

  5. If you notify us starting the second week of the class, there is no refund.

  6. If you are taking Anger Management under a retake, the Course Fee of $65.00 and the PayPal Fee are both non-refundable under any circumstance.


Class materials written by:
David J. Decker, Licensed Psychologist

With stories in the newspaper almost daily about violence in families, the workplace and the community, it is vital that men individually and collectively seek better alternatives to anger expressed as violence. These classes address the needs of men who believe their verbal anger is out-of-control as well as those who want to communicate better to avoid the misunderstandings which can lead to violent anger. We specifically seek to serve men who are either verbally abusive or who tend to stuff their anger and could become physically violent -- not those who currently are physically violent. Men helping other men learn to manage anger effectively will significantly affect men and their relationships with women, children, and other men.


Main Objective: To learn and actively practice new skills, tools, and techniques to understand and manage your anger, feel better about yourself in day-to-day life and, as a result, significantly improve relationships at home and work.

  • To better understand your anger escalation process.
  • To become clearer about how explosive anger affects you and others around you.
  • To end threatening and intimidating behavior and to decrease the frequency of emotional and verbal abuse toward others.
  • To accept responsibility for past abusive behavior and to work at identifying and changing controlling attitudes and behaviors that have led to becoming explosive and abusive.
  • To identify and express more openly and assertively all your feelings.
  • To examine and work on childhood and shame issues that relate to abusive behavior and to better understand how these issues relate to your current abuse of others.
  • To learn to experience more control over yourself and your actions and to make clear choices about--and take responsibility for--thoughts, feelings, wants and behaviors in the present.
  • To learn to identify and deal more effectively with life stressors as they arise.
  • To begin to actively use group members and others for emotional support and sharing.

The facilitators who teach the class use the anger management techniques in their own lives. This is not a theoretical course because each student can use these same techniques to fit their own lives and needs. Each students will receive a 115 page book that is theirs to keep.

David J. Decker is a licensed psychologist who has been involved with the mental health field for 25 years serving as a therapist and program director in a variety of settings. For ten years, he served as director of a domestic abuse program at a community mental health center and he is currently in private practice at Merriam Park Professional Building, 366 Prior Ave. North, Suite 203, St. Paul, MN 55104. His phone number is 612-725-8402. He has also written a book, Stopping The Violence, A Group Model to Change Men's Abusive Attitudes and Behaviors. In addition, Dave has designed and presented workshops for professionals and community groups on shame and empowerment, anger regulation, domestic abuse, assertiveness, healthy relationships, stress management, and other topics.

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