TMC Administration Notes - December 2016 / January 2017

Letter from the Chair

The Twin Cities Men's Center lost a gentle and dedicated friend when Gerry Werth died suddenly at the end of October. As near as anyone can tell, Gerry facilitated TCMC's Thursday night Divorce, Uncoupling, and General Issues support group for 20 years. In that time, Gerry gave hundreds of men the benefit of his wise counsel as he patiently witnessed and affirmed the difficulties they were having in their lives.

I felt profoundly lost and confused when I first showed up at the Thursday group in the TCMC library 10 years ago. I was overwhelmed by conflicting feelings and felt as if I had lost myself beneath an ocean of events that I could not control. Gerry taught me that experiencing seemingly contradictory feelings is par for the human course, and means nothing more than that you are alive. He also taught me that my identity is defined by innate qualities inside of me and cannot be changed by external events or things that happen to me. These and other truths I learned from Gerry changed my life for the better, made me a stronger man, and are ideas I still remind myself of every day.

It has taken me longer than usual to write this Letter from the Chair because I've had to stop many times to wipe away tears and take deep breaths. I am sad beyond words that I will never again hear Gerry tell me stories about his two sons, to whom he was a patient and unconditionally loving father. And I feel a hollow ache in my chest when I realize that I will never again hear his soothing voice telling me "Joe is still Joe, no matter what is happening in your life". But I also realize how fortunate I and hundreds of others were to have known him and had the opportunity to learn from him, and it gives me a small measure of comfort to announce that the TCMC board has approved a motion to name the library in Gerry's honor. May the Werth Library continue to be a place of healing where men make life-changing discoveries about themselves and their feelings.

Joe Szurszewski
Board Chair


Gerry Werth Memorial Library Corner

–– Jim Heaney, Librarian

We have a unique and extensive collection of books on men's and general topics which can be checked out by members of the Men's Center. Our periodicals include:

  • Fathering Today
  • Men's Health
  • Men's Journal
  • Lavender
  • Transitions
  • Voice Male.

The books in the Men’s Center Library are sectioned off into 14 categories.  These categories are: Fathers, Children & Families, Fiction, Gay & Lesbian, Health & Therapy, Humor, Men’s Movement & Masculinity, Men’s Stories & Poetry, Miscellaneous, Relationships & Friendships, Reference, Relationships & Friendships, Sexuality, Spirituality, Valued Elders, Women. 

The Men's Center is proud to have a signed copy of Timothy Young's recently published To the Palace of Kings. Timothy is very active in the men's movement. This is the book which was referenced in Men Talk.

The Men's Center Staff and Key Volunteers

Office Manager -- Bill Baldwin (acting)
Office Assistant Mgr-- Bryon Wistrom
Anger Mgmt Director-- John Hesch
Office Volunteers -- Rick Charlson, Jim Heaney, Dick Madigan
Librarian -- Jim Heaney
Bakery Donation Pick-up --
See chart in kitchen area

Board Chair -- Joe Szurszewski
Board Vice Chair -- Tom Weaver
Board Secretary -- Norm Petrik
Board Treasurer -- Rick Charlson
Board Member -- Harry Greenberg
Board Member -- Andy Mickel
Board Member -- Damon Starks
Board Member -- Open
Alternate -- Dan Gorgonow

Alternate -- Malik Holt
Alternate -- Jim Heaney
Alternate -- Jamie Wellik

MenTalk Editor -- Bill Dobbs
MenTalk Production -- Bill Dobbs
MenTalk Here/There -- Andy Mickel
MenTalk Advertising -- Bill Dobbs
MenTalk Coord/Database -- Scott Benson
MenTalk Mailing -- Scott Benson, Jerry O,

Program Committee, Chair -- Norm Petrik
Wednesday Present Coord --Randy Genrich

Wednesday Present Publicity -- Rick Charlson

Finance Committee, Chair -- Rick Charlson
Finance Committee Chair -- Rick Charlson
Fin Comm Grant Writer -- Damon Starks
Fin Comm Memberships -- Andy Mickel

Outreach Committee, Chair -- Jim Heaney
Pride Festival Coord -- Damon Starks and Tom Weaver
Media Publicity Coord -- Rick Charlson
Outreach Booth at Locations -- Jim Heaney, Malik Holt
Librarian -- Jim Heaney
Web Site/Technology -- Bill Dobbs, Andy Mickel, Joe Szurszewski
E-mail Responders -- Scott Benson, Rick Charlson, Bill Dobbs, John Hesch, Andy Mickel, Joe Szurszewski

Anger Mgmt Director -- John Hesch
Anger Mgmt Grant Writer -- Bob Anderson
Anger Mgmt Publicity -- John Hesch
Anger Mgmt Steer Commit -- Bob Lundberg, John Hersch, David Giancristforo
Anger Mgmt Facilitators -- Tom M, Michael K, Jim K, John H, Art H, Bryce K, Pat G, Dean G, David E, Hoske R, Cory C, Michael I, John C, Lee C, Norm P, Bob L, Bob A, Harry G, Howard B, Tom F

Support Group Coord -- Norm Petrik
General Men's Issues -- Randy G, Jerry O
Gay Issues -- Pat K, Bruce K, Ranslow Z
Transitions --Scott, Richard S.
Divorce/Uncouplng -- John M, Greg D
Sexual Trauma & Abuse Survivors -- Jerry B, Kathleen M
Bi-Men & Gay Issues -- Leo P, David W, Damon S.
Healthy Sexual Boundaries -- Bobby S, Tommy J
Healthy Sexual Boundaries East -- Bobby S
Healthy Sexual Boundaries Tues -- Rich P, Bobby S, Tommy J
Mankind Project Open Circle -- Tim K
Retirement -- Norm P

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