TMC Administration Notes - October/November 2016

Letter from the Chair

I first came to TCMC to attend a support group. I had no idea what to expect and was beyond nervous at the prospect of talking about and listening to feelings for 2 hours. As I entered the room I noticed several other men waiting for the group to start. I’m certain that if any of them had made a sudden movement, I would have bolted out the door like a frightened deer.

Fortunately I stayed, but TCMC’s upcoming 40th anniversary got me thinking about why men are so often freaked out by their feelings. I’ve written extensively in this space about how our culture actively discourages men from admitting they even have feelings, but I think another major factor is the belief that no one else in the world has ever had the confused, contradictory feelings you are experiencing. Because most men have never heard other men talk about any feelings, let alone the jumbled and painful feelings you are having, you must be the only man to ever experience these feelings, right?

In a word, no. If TCMC’s 40 years of support groups mean anything, it’s that whatever you are feeling, other men have had, are having, and will certainly continue to have the same feelings. Put another way, there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to feelings. It is this fact more than anything else that makes our support groups work.

So I encourage you to join in celebrating 4 decades of men helping men with their feelings by dropping by our 40th birthday party from 1 to 5 p.m. on Saturday, October 22nd at 300 Clifton Avenue in Minneapolis. There will be appetizers and you can participate in a check-in circle or just enjoy conversation and companionship with other men in a stunning turn-of-the-century mansion, the use of which has been generously donated by the owners who are also TCMC members. And if you want to celebrate early and be smartly attired for the party, stop by the TCMC office to purchase a special TCMC 40th Anniversary t-shirt. I hope to see you there!

Joe Szurszewski
Board Chair


Library Corner

–– Jim Heaney, Librarian

We have a unique and extensive collection of books on men's and general topics which can be checked out by members of the Men's Center. Our periodicals include:

  • Fathering Today
  • Men's Health
  • Men's Journal
  • Lavender
  • Transitions
  • Voice Male.

The books in the Men’s Center Library are sectioned off into 14 categories.  These categories are: Fathers, Children & Families, Fiction, Gay & Lesbian, Health & Therapy, Humor, Men’s Movement & Masculinity, Men’s Stories & Poetry, Miscellaneous, Relationships & Friendships, Reference, Relationships & Friendships, Sexuality, Spirituality, Valued Elders, Women. 

The Men's Center is proud to have a signed copy of Timothy Young's recently published To the Palace of Kings. Timothy is very active in the men's movement. This is the book which was referenced in Men Talk.

The Men's Center Staff and Key Volunteers

Office Manager -- Randy Genrich (emeritus), Bill Baldwin (acting)
Office Assistant Mgr-- Bryon Wistrom
Anger Mgmt Director-- John Hesch
Office Volunteers -- Rick Charlson, Jim Heaney, Dick Madigan
Librarian -- Jim Heaney
Bakery Donation Pick-up --
See chart in kitchen area

Board Chair -- Joe Szurszewski
Board Vice Chair -- Tom Weaver
Board Secretary -- Norm Petrik
Board Treasurer -- Rick Charlson
Board Member -- Harry Greenberg
Board Member -- Andy Mickel
Board Member -- Damon Starks
Board Member -- Open
Alternate -- Dan Gorgonow

Alternate -- Malik Holt
Alternate -- Jim Heaney
Alternate -- Jamie Wellik

MenTalk Editor -- Bill Dobbs
MenTalk Production -- Bill Dobbs
MenTalk Here/There -- Andy Mickel
MenTalk Advertising -- Bill Dobbs
MenTalk Coord/Database -- Scott Benson
MenTalk Mailing -- Scott Benson, Jerry O,

Program Committee, Chair -- Norm Petrik
Wednesday Present Coord --Randy Genrich

Wednesday Present Publicity -- Rick Charlson

Finance Committee, Chair -- Rick Charlson
Finance Committee Chair -- Rick Charlson
Fin Comm Grant Writer -- Damon Starks
Fin Comm Memberships -- Andy Mickel

Outreach Committee, Chair -- Jim Heaney
Pride Festival Coord -- Damon Starks and Tom Weaver
Media Publicity Coord -- Rick Charlson
Outreach Booth at Locations -- Jim Heaney, Malik Holt
Librarian -- Jim Heaney
Web Site/Technology -- Bill Dobbs, Andy Mickel, Joe Szurszewski
E-mail Responders -- Scott Benson, Rick Charlson, Bill Dobbs, John Hesch, Andy Mickel, Joe Szurszewski

Anger Mgmt Director -- John Hesch
Anger Mgmt Grant Writer -- Bob Anderson
Anger Mgmt Publicity -- John Hesch
Anger Mgmt Steer Commit -- Bob Lundberg, John Hersch, David Giancristforo
Anger Mgmt Facilitators -- Tom M, Michael K, Jim K, John H, Art H, Bryce K, Pat G, Dean G, David E, Hoske R, Cory C, Michael I, John C, Lee C, Norm P, Bob L, Bob A, Harry G, Howard B, Tom F

Support Group Coord -- Norm Petrik
Support Group Database -- Open
General Men's Issues -- Randy G, Jerry O
Gay Issues -- Pat K, Bruce K, Ranslow Z
Transitions --Scott, Richard S.
Divorce/Uncouplng -- John M, Greg D, Gerry W
Sexual Trauma & Abuse Survivors -- Jerry B, Kathleen M
Bi-Men & Gay Issues -- Leo P, David W, Damon S.
Healthy Sexual Boundaries -- Bobby S, Tommy J
Healthy Sexual Boundaries East -- Bobby S
Healthy Sexual Boundaries Tues -- Rich P, Bobby S, Tommy J
Mankind Project Open Circle -- Tim K
Retirement -- Norm P

Call our Office Manager at 612-822-5892 and ask how you can help.
We have been a vital part of the Twin Cities community for decades,
and almost all of our services have been provided by volunteers like you.