TMC Administration Notes - August/September 2014

Letter from the Chair

Watching the World Cup, I started thinking about sports metaphors and how they are often applied as guides for living life. And I thought about the win-at-all-costs mentality that is reflected in so many sports sayings, and how it has gone global. The sight of strapping Euro-studs collapsing in theatrical agony whenever an opponent gently brushes against them in order to draw a penalty is certainly amusing. But I think this mindset that whatever it takes to win is OK, or more philosophically, that the ends justify the means, can get men in trouble.

Whether or not it's OK to feign injury for the good of the team doesn't interest me much. What interests me here is how the philosophy behind this behavior gets applied to every day life, and how too many men embrace the notion that life is a sport to be won. The prevalence of sports sayings and metaphors like "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing", and "Second place is the first loser" show just how deeply entrenched this attitude is.

As a motivational technique for inspiring peak athletic performance, saying like this are fine. But when men start living their lives as if there is no room for falling short in anything, or for failing at something but learning a lot in the process, then they are incapable of growing or improving themselves.

Life is an experience to be enjoyed, whatever it brings, not a sport to be won. And even if it were a sport, I very much doubt that it could be won by amassing the most money or possessions. We live in a society obsessed with winning and competition. From your job performance to your credit score to the company bowling league, you are graded, ranked and compared many times a day. If you are a man hoping to make improvements in your life or overcome obstacles in your way, consider running out the clock on sports sayings as a way to motivate yourself.

Joe Szurszewski
Board Chair


Library Corner

–– Jim Heaney, Librarian

We have a unique and extensive collection of books on men's and general topics which can be checked out by members of the Men's Center. Our periodicals include:

  • Fathering Today
  • Men's Health
  • Men's Journal
  • Lavender
  • Transitions
  • Voice Male.

Books of The Month:
The TCMC Library is very pleased and proud to have a new book authored by two members of the Men's Center. Choosing Healthy Sexual Boundaries: THE HANDBOOK, bby Tommy Jones and Bobby Schauerhamer, 2014. Bobby & Tommy originally formed, and have facilitated our Healthy Sexual Boundaries support group for the past ten years. It is now our most attended support group. Tommy and Bobby's hope is that this Handbook will share the cumulative experience and wisdom of their support group to a wider audience.

This book is not a workbook which will walk you through a strictly regimented series of exercises, nor will it tell you what you must or must not do to be healthy or cured. The handbook is to provide suggestions, choices, and options for establishing healthier boundaries and support for you while you are on the path of discovery and change. Tommy and Bobby believe that the power to change comes from within us. This book will provide tools which will help you construct and/or repair your sexual boundaries.

The Men's Center Staff and Key Volunteers

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Anger Mgmt Director-- John Hesch
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Librarian -- Jim Heaney
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Board Chair -- Joe Szurszewski
Board Vice Chair -- Tom Weaver
Board Secretary -- Norm Petrik
Board Treasurer -- Rick Charlson
Board Member -- Jim Heaney
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Finance Committee Chair -- Rick Charlson
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Fin Comm Memberships -- Andy Mickel

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Pride Festival Coord -- Ken Knoll
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E-mail Responders -- Scott Benson, Rick Charlson, Bill Dobbs, John Hesch, Andy Mickel, Joe Szurszewski

Anger Mgmt Director -- John Hesch
Anger Mgmt Grant Writer -- Bob Anderson
Anger Mgmt Publicity -- John Hesch
Anger Mgmt Steer Commit -- Bob Lundberg, John Hersch, David Giancristforo
Anger Mgmt Facilitators -- Tom M, Michael K, Jim K, John H, Art H, Bryce K, Pat G, Dean G, David E, Hoske R, Cory C, Michael I, John C, Lee C, Norm P, Bob L, Bob A, Harry G, Howard B, Tom F

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Healthy Sexual Boundaries East -- Bobby S
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