TMC Administration Notes - Apr / May 2014

Letter from the Chair

In previous Letters from the Chair, I have lamented the dismal portrayal of masculinity in advertising and popular culture. It’s so bad, I can imagine that aliens in distant galaxies who might someday intercept our television signals would quickly believe that the human male is a thick-headed Neanderthal who is only concerned with excessive drinking, meaningless competition, and finding sex, whatever the cost. This is of course a wildly inaccurate, not to mention dispiriting portrayal of men, but it’s a portrayal I think most men feel powerless to fight. It’s as if men are willing to accept whatever gender role they are handed, whether it fits or not. Why define your own gender role when someone has already done it for you? I recently caught up with two friends who are redefining gender roles in ways that should give hope to anyone who has ever felt stereotyped.

Venus DeMars is a groundbreaking musician and risk-taking artist from Minneapolis. She is a transgender person who was born Steve, but realized early in life that a male gender role did not fit her. Beyond the difficulties of making a living as an artist and musician, Venus has had to endure indignities, rudeness, aggressiveness, and ignorance to a degree that most of us can’t imagine, all because her gender role does not fit society’s norm. Something as simple as using a public restroom can be fraught with complication and even danger. Being out in public at all means being a potential target for taunting and nasty comments. And yet through it all, Venus has maintained her composure, dignity, and even sense of humor. If ever someone had an incentive to accept a pre-defined, society-approved gender role, it’s Venus. But she has, through sheer force of will and determination, defined her own gender role.

Neal Hagberg is a successful songwriter and an ordained Lutheran clergy. As the father of a teenage daughter, he is disturbed that the dominant religious traditions always portray God as masculine. Why is God never portrayed as feminine? And what does this do to young girls who are looking for their place in the spiritual world? Don’t they start out at a disadvantage, feeling a little out of place, if not outright disenfranchised? Neal would love to see God referred to in the feminine, if only to balance out several millennia of male domination, or at the very least in a gender neutral way. He advocates this position in songs, speeches, and friendly conversation with anyone who is interested. Given the extensive history, you might think this would be an uphill battle, but when I saw him speak recently at a packed Catholic church, he received a standing ovation for his ideas.

Gender roles can be limiting, especially when they are not of our choosing. But if Venus can make her way in life as a proud transgender person despite all the obstacles, and if Neal can make progress suggesting an alternate gender role for God, isn’t it possible that men who are unhappy with the gender role they’ve been given can find a better one?

Joe Szurszewski
Board Chair


Library Corner

–– Jim Heaney, Librarian

We have a unique and extensive collection of books on men's and general topics which can be checked out by members of the Men's Center. Our periodicals include:

  • Fathering Today
  • Men's Health
  • Men's Journal
  • Lavender
  • Transitions
  • Voice Male.

Books of The Month:
There are more new books on the shelf.

  • GETTING TO RESOLUTION, Turning Conflict into collaboration, Stewart Levine.
  • HEALING THE SOUL IN THE AGE OF THE BRAIN, Becoming conscious in a unconscious world, Elio Frattaroli M.D.
  • A MAN'S RECOVERY FROM TRAUMATIC CHILDHOOD ABUSE, Robert Blackburn Knight with Mark Falstein.
  • MIND WIDE OPEN, Your brain and the neuroscience of everyday life, Steven Johnson.
  • STANDING IN THE SHADOWS, Understanding and overcoming depression in black men, John Head.
  • TRANSFORMING MADNESS, New lives for people living with mental illness, Jay Neugeboren

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