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Print this form and mail to The Twin Cities Men's Center. Men's Center members are entitled to participate in annual meetings, use the reference library, receive Men Talk and enjoy reduced fees to Men's Center-sponsored events.

Mailing Address:
Twin Cities Men's Center
3249 Hennepin Avenue South, Suite 55
Minneapolis, MN 55408 USA

Membership information

A regular annual membership at The Twin Cities Men's Center is $25. With that you get access to the extensive reference library on Men's Issues, receive the Men Talk newsletter, participation in the annual meeting, and enjoy reduced fees to Men's Center sponsored events. If you are able to afford a membership at the Patron ($50) level, you get free admission to all Wednesday workshops in addition to all the regular membership benefits.


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      $__________________________. Thanks much!
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We prefer checks or money orders made out to TCMC. That helps keep costs low.
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